Burma Travel Tips

Myanmar Travel Tips

It is slow and exhausting to travel, unless you are flying. I knew before my trip to Burma that it would not be an easy destination. Ultimate travel guide for vaccinations.

Time, Security, Telephone, Internet & Security

Myanmar's denomination is Kyat. Like in many Indochinese markets, the US dollar is widespread and can be converted simply and free of charge into the country's own currencies. Traveller's checks and foreign bank accounts are not widely used. It is currently not possible to use or change traveller's checks. There is a gloomy level of health services on the ground and the use of the public health clinics is desperate.

The ITU is unable to cover the costs of insuring the participant, any doctor's fees or other costs due to process problems and budget restrictions. Therefore, ITU asks your authorities/organizations to take the necessary precautions for the health care and health care of your attendees before the trip. A 10USD per capita internationale airfield charge is to be paid in US dollars or FEC (Foreign Exchange Certificate) when you leave Myanmar on an intern. a...

Coming to Myanmar by plane is simple. The Yangon offers all of our services except the flight from Chiang Mai (Thailand), which leads directly to Mandalay Aiport. To date, Myanmar has 66 national airports. Bikes are certainly the best way to get around (but not long-distance travel) and very convenient.

In Myanmar, busses are often terrible with the commuter's nose pushing on the widows. However, some Air-Con long-haul executive busses are reasonable. Read more about transport in Myanmar. Throughout your Myanmar tour, keep in mind that you can also give small presents as tips: crayons, pens, keys and cigarette lighter, all with a thankful grin in exchange.

In Myanmar, health services are inconvenient. Use caution when offering imaginative gemstones - Myanmar has abundant landmines of these gemstones - as some are full of valueless stone or mixedcrete. For more information about Vietnam holidays, download our Indochina guide.

Myanmar's mystical charms with a 14-day Essential Burma with Ngapali Beach or start your own Indochina trip with us.

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