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Burma travel guides, top offers, tips and facts for backpackers. These are my tips for a trip to Burma. Here you will find all travel reports and tips that we have published for Burma. Please see our travel policy for Burma / Myanmar. Myanmar travel: yes or no?

Travel advice for children in Burma

There is no way we can emphasize enough what a great Burmese home is. Sure, it has its opponents like any other place, but we've never encountered a host of families who haven't been charmed by their amazing humans, lovely attractions and spirit of adventurous. For more persuasion, just check out our latest news bulletin on why you should take your children to Burma.

However, what about the practicality of traveling in Burma? Here I would like to give you some answers to these and if there is one point of your trip that you would particularly like to see addressed, please do not hesistate to send us a message. Transportation can be a pleasurable and torturous experience in Burma.

If you are traveling as a member of a group, we suggest that you travel to these places by plane for long trips, by car for medium trips and by public transit. Fortunately, Burma has a great variety of interesting means of travel, from equestrian and bullock trucks to Colonies cruisers, long tail ships, commuter train, MTB, kayaks and trishaw' - all of which can turn an everyday sight-seeing trip into an advent.

It' truely truer that Burma's fares are higher than in neighboring Asia, and you'll have to spend more on hotel, activity and home travel than you might think in emerging markets - but they're still affordable by westerly terms. A general principle is that Burma is much more expensive than Thailand or Vietnam, but much lower than Japan, North America or West Europe.

Towns like Mandalay or Yangon have lower fares than more rustic areas like Inle Lake or Bagan - and you'll find things get more costly the further away you are. Like any other nation, your Burmese eating experiences are dependent on how adventure-loving your kids are.

Burma sometimes finds bearable West option more challenging than neighboring South East Asia, but it's certainly nothing to be worried about. You will probably have no trouble finding a slice of bread, omelettes, pizza and even if you can't, there is always good old, safe quality pure wheat rices to use.

A walk through the grocery stores can also be an exhilarating adventure for a child - especially if the local people are insisting on spoiling them with cake and candy, as is customary in Burma. Myanmar cuisine is one of the least hot Asiatic cuisine, but if your childrens are susceptible to hot weather, it may be worth asking them to keep the chili.

With Burma's tourist industries still booming, there are less family-oriented opportunities here than in many states. But don't let that put you off - there are far too many other advantages. In a recent paper we mentioned that the shortage of bulk tourist in Burma means that the tourist (and especially their children) is still a first and the locals are so steadfastly friendly that they are taken care of wherever they go.

It is exaggerated to say that there is no such thing as a Burmese home. Familiy rooms or side rooms are scarce, but upscale (four and five star) accommodations are good for the whole of Burma, and more or less any Burmese establishment can offer you a crib ( (for kids under two years) or a bed-rest ("mattress" for older kids).

Some of the guesthouses also have three-bed rooms (double and single), so with a little bit of careful consideration you will have no problem to find suitable accommodations for your hosts. If you would like more information about traveling with kids in Burma, please do not hesistate to contact one of our specialists.

We' ve also got more information about home trips in our blogs and a lot of examples on our website.

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