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The" Burma for Backpackers" trip makes it possible! The itineraries include routes and places that are particularly popular and inspiring with our guests. Royal Enfield travel in Burma is synonymous with adventure and authenticity. Accompany us on this adventure in Myanmar (Burma)! Explore the four main cultural centers of Burma:

Favourite backpacking route in Myanmar (Burma)

Burma, or Myanmar, is the most rapidly expanding tourist region in Southeast Asia, as the country has chosen to ease many of its travelling regulations a few years ago. It is still a relatively tricky and disappointing place in comparison to its hospitable neighbors in Southeast Asia, but it also has a particular charme that often appeals to first-time-timers.

It certainly gives a greater feeling of entering the unfamiliar than some of the more and more commercialized backpacker cities and tourist resorts in the area. It can be a challenge to plan a backpacker in Myanmar because there is less information about it and cheap options are far less common than in Thailand, for example.

Banana Pancake Path has not yet reached Myanmar completely, and despite an inflow of travelers it is unlikely that this will happen soon, so this will certainly be a welcome alleviation for those who are ill from the whole youth partiescene. PLEASE BE aware of the persistent prosecution of the Muslim Rohingya by the Myanmar army, which is being accepted by the Myanmar state.

If you are interested in Myanmar, please consider whether it is a destination you would like to explore. This can be done in more or less of the same amount of timeframe, but the trip in Myanmar is quite sluggish and untrustworthy, so it is possible that some of your holidays may be usually taken in busses or train, so you will need more of your own schedule than you think.

Three or maybe four week should be a good period for our rucksack tour to Burma. But it is still a pretty inexpensive place to be. While a possible Myanmar backpack excursion could cost between $25-30 per person per night, it could cost a little less or much more, according to your preference.

All the above numbers are due to traveling, food and drink like a real shooting traveler. This does not cover the costs of flying into or out of the UK or a permit. Learn more about Myanmar and how much it costs to get there. Myanmar can only be visited by those from other South East Asia without a visitor permit.

You can now get e-visas and'Visa on arrival' for almost everyone else and have made your visit to the countryside a little softer. Here is some useful information about Myanmar's visas policies. Indispensable for backpacker travel in Southeast Asia. Health care in Myanmar is not very progressive and if you get sick or hurt, world nomads can help and are as skilled as anyone else who offers protection to backpack tourists.

You don't want to go alone or have only a short while? Take a look at Stray Travel's Myanmar Pagoda Pass. Coming to Myanmar: Entering the state is a major problem in itself, as the number of transitions is restricted and there are few major airport locations. Yangon is the simplest destination to go to, and Air Asiatypically offers the best rates from many South East Asian destinations.

It is Myanmar Prefecture, the biggest town in Myanmar and the most important business center, although it is no longer the capitol. It is a busy town and an exhilarating intro to Burma living. The influence of Britain, China and India can also be felt in a town with a fascinating past. It' the ideal place to begin your stay in Myanmar with many beautiful couples and places of worship, as well as the home of Aung San Suu Kyi, where she was under home detention for years.

From Yangon to Bago: This can be a full excursion from Yangon or an accommodation. In any case, you must return to Yangon to resume your voyage and take the northern one. When you are not heavily involved in the Buddhist/religious aspects, then you can completely jump over it, because Bagan is much more impressing.

First, we go back to Yangon, which shouldn't take long. It' s 285 km from Yangon to Pyay, but it's a long trip, most enjoyable by rail. There is a 7:00 am and 11:00 am from Yangon Kyemyindine railway and 1:00 pm from Yangon Rail. The trip from Yangon to Pyay lasts about 9 hrs by rail and about 7 hrs by air.

It is possible to take a overnight from Yangon to Bagan, but it is a long journey, so you may want to stop it in Pyay, a small Ayeyarwady River city half way between the two. There is not much to see, but in a way that is part of its attraction, considering that the few parts of Myanmar that have opened up to tourists have done so in quite a big way.

It is a great place to take a bicycle or walk and discover a part of Myanmar that is not often used. From Pyay to Bagan: The trip from Pyay to Bagan takes about 10 hours and costs about 10,000-13,000 kyats ($10-13). Maybe the most acrobatic picture of Myanmar.

Or you can take a day excursion to Mount Popa, which is an extinguished lava but very verdant and slightly colder than the warm plateaus that take up much of the area. From Bagan to Inle Lake: Bagan to Inle Lake is a journey that many travelers make in Myanmar, although some go in the opposite directions and others via Mandalay.

Coming from Bagan you can take a coach to Shwenyaung, which is on the motorway just south of the lakes. We have also heard of an AC coach to Nuang Shwe, nearer many of the Inle Lakes guest houses, leaving Bagan at 7:30am. More information about the faster but more expensive busses can be found here and on other Myanmar destinations here.

It is another important stop on almost every backpack trip in Myanmar. It is quite touristic for Burma, but it is one of the four most important destinations in Myanmar (next to Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan). While it is recommended to talk to other travelers before you book one, you can take a full days out, as some are large touristic trail where you are taken to a number of workshops/shops and repeatedly prompted to buy.

From Inle Lake to Hsipaw: Normally they also stop in Pyin u Lwin, so that you can first go there and later simply take the Hsipaw to Mandalayrain. It' s another long trip from Lake Inle to Hsipaw, but in Myanmar you will soon get used to it!

It has one of the best market in Myanmar and is located in a beautiful walking area. This is the beginning of one of the most dramatic railway trips in the whole wide globe to Pyin u Lwin. From Hsipaw to Pyin Oo Lwin: Travelling by railway is breathtaking and this is certainly the most beautiful stage of this Burma backpack tour.

Things are leaving Hsipaw at 9:40 and reaching Pyin Oo Lwin at 16:05. Hsipaw's rail trip is the highlights, but Pyin Oo Lwin also has a lot to do. From Pyin u Lwin to Mandalay: Another very enjoyable, but frustrating long trip by rail. There is a 17:40 service from Pyin Oo Lwin to Mandalay, which is only 70 km away, 5h later.

You can find award-winning and periodically up-dated information about rail trips in Burma here. The Mandalay is the logical conclusion of your backpacker tour in Burma, although it is possible to make the journey backwards and from there. It is Myanmar's second town and although there is not quite as much to do as in Yangon, the town has a renowned royal palace and is known for its rich culture and also hosts half of Burma's population.

There is Yangon, the only other large global airports, and there are air connections to northern Thailand where you can resume your journey. It is the most common and evident way to combine a journey to Myanmar with a longer stay in Southeast Asia. Please be aware that travelling in certain areas of Myanmar is still very limited and it is difficult to get to Thailand by overland.

There are changes in the regulations from time to time, so you may want to review the present state of affairs when you are traveling, but you are likely to fly in and out of Myanmar. This itinerary can be combined with our backpack tour to Thailand. It is easy to reconcile this journey with our major backpacker tour to Southeast Asia or parts of it.

For example, you could do this instead of traveling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai through Thailand. And if you like to be off the beaten track, our Indonesia itinerary can be attractive because it offers a few other less attractive places and if you are further away you can really explore the true Indonesia.

For Myanmar itself, this tour will cover all major sights. However, some of the other areas have limits to your travels, so it's not always the best place to leave the well-trodden paths, but if you like a bit of a challange, there's usually a way. On the way west, Myanmar is a good connection between travels in Southeast Asia and India.

Take a look at our backpack tour to India to get inspired. Most of the budgets places have no on-line attendance with the Internet not great in the land, certainly outside Yangon, so signing up on-line is not really a need or even a clever notion here. While small backpackers are evolving with few budgetary choices, they are expecting slightly more money than in other parts of Southeast Asia.

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