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Myanmar Itinerary

One popular route is the circle line in Yangon, about which you can read a great report in the blog Borders of Adventure. This is definitely one of the highlights of our Myanmar trip! For a long time that was a reason not to travel to Myanmar. Send weekly travel inspirations directly to you by email. For an interactive map of the route, click here.

Perfect 2 weeks Myanmar Itinerary

These backpackers' guides will help you find the best of Myanmar, with accommodation, where you can get inexpensive meals and what you can see, all on a 2 week Myanmar budgets. Myanmar is home to a variety of landscapes, customs and more, from the swimming towns of Inle Lake to the Temple of Bagan.

As Myanmar is still relatively unaffected by the West, there has been no tourist booming, making it a favourite tourist resort. The best thing I can do is to go to Myanmar as soon as possible so you can see the land and see the locals before the downside of it.

Those two wks in Myanmar are perfect for any Myanmar backpacker journey and I wish I had such a route when I was making my journey! While you could try to spend a whole weekend in Myanmar, it will be quick and you will have to abandon a place or the Myanmar Trail.

First, take a look at this movie to get inspired by Myanmar! A lot of folks ask me if I was in Burma, what I have, but it' s not right from a technical point of view. Burma is the name of the land, but it was formerly known as Burma. Due to the bad climate, the best period to come to Myanmar is from November to February in winters, as the temperature is not too high and it rains the least.

In my own experiences I suggest to avoid the rainy/monsoon period (July-September), because unlike other places where the wet period in Myanmar can only mean 1-2 hrs of rains per night, it can be a deluge-like rains for 8 hrs. Since Myanmar is still a relatively new destination, I wouldn't be too concerned about volatile pricing, but if you would rather be sure about both pricing and availabilities in the October and March shoulders as well.

It' important to remember that all Myanmar accommodations should be reserved in advanced, as there are not enough accommodations to keep up with the sights. In Myanmar, the best way to get in and out is either Yangon or Mandalay. Nocturnal busses are the best way to explore Myanmar.

When it is too much for you at first, then go to Kandawgyi Lake and marvel at the area. In the afternoons you will find a café to have a cup of coffee or a trip through the British-style town. Getting to Bagan from Yangon. FOURTH DAY: After your first overnight coach in Myanmar you will probably be a little bit weary, but you will be in one of the best places in Myanmar, if not the best.

It' probably your best one in Bagan. Getting from Bagan to Kalaw. How to get to Inle Lake from Bagan if you're not hiking. Myanmar is a must for trekkers! Either take a coach from Bagan to Inle Lake or take an amazing hike.

It is recommended to take a coach from Bagan to Kalaw in the mornings or a midnight coach, but you will trekk right after a 2am coach arriving. EVERY DAY: This will be the first of your hike and you will stay the whole family! NINTH DAY: Start enjoying the second half of your hike and get to Inle Lake!

Attend the local markets or the vineyard, better known for its magnificent view, but don't wait for the wines to be great. D DAY ELEVEN: Booking a trip (this can be done through the suggested hostel) through Lake Inle. Rise early and observe the sundown from a motorboat, go to a bustling fair and then let yourself be guided through the swimming towns to see what the natives are working on and savour a typical Myanmar food in a swimming bath.

From Inle Lake to Mandalay. DIDAY TWIVERS: Arrival in Mandalay in the early hours of the evening by midnight coaches. Have your last dinner in Myanmar, have some Myanmar teas and then drive to the Aiport! When you want to do more things in Myanmar, it is definitely possible to stay one less in Yangon and Bagan (while still seeing everything) to squish in another place just off Mandalay, where fewer folks are making a one-of-a-kind Myanmar outing.

In Myanmar you should definitely try the renowned tealeaf, potato lettuce, ricotta and Royal Myanmar herbs. Burma is an expensively priced land (compared to the remainder of Southeast Asia), so you' re expecting housing of about $15-20USD. Have a look at this article for more advice on how to backpack in Myanmar.

Come to Myanmar with an open spirit and an open hearted and you will really see what an amazing travel destinations it is with this simple 2-week route.

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