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For a train ride in Burma, I would highly recommend the train ride between Mandalay and Lashio, the last big city on the old Burma Road. It is almost impossible to drive on this road today. The Myanmar Travel Route article describes a route through this beautiful country. Yes, you can travel to Thailand by car. Flying is the easiest and most comfortable way to travel Myanmar.

Burma - 2 weeks route

Despite all our hopes, Ruchi and I did not think we were prepared to flee Myanmar. It' s difficult not to get that feeling after being blinded by gold coupons, hypnotized by Intha fishers and enchanted by the friendliness of other people. Although we came to the conclusion that two week is really not enough to see everything Myanmar has to show, it is still a good moment to see many of its high points when you are following a route.

That doesn't mean that you have to stick to a specific schedule, we certainly don't, we wanted to be more proactive, but on arriving we both adopted a rather laid-back travel pattern. On the way to Mandalay Ruchi also got the liurgy, so we had to discard all our hiking maps for Hsipaw.

My thanks also go to my girlfriend Kat, who stayed in Myanmar for a whole months before I left and gave me many important hints. It may be the biggest town in the land, but it is no longer the main town, at least not anymore - the name has been given to Naypyidaw since 2006.

Irrespective of this, Yangon is the largest and most beloved town in Myanmar and is still often confused as the capitol. It' a simple error, because Yangon is the world' s gate and usually the first stop on any route to Myanmar. To get a proper feeling for the town, I suggest you stay two or three days.

Cabs are cheap in the town and it is a good idea to take them if you want to get all the major tourist amenities while having enough free space to enjoy the city's cuisine. We drove from Yangon to Bagan over night by coach, which took about 9 h. Calculate on about $15, which is very sensible given the distance we had to travel.

They could go to Bagan, but it is much more expensive, and these overnight busses are amazingly convenient, so you can also cut spending the nights. In Bagan, get ready for the flood of pagodas! It is an old town that is really different from elsewhere, the mere number of remains is really a premonition to see.

The most magic part of Bagan is at dawn or dusk, where the hot rays intensify the red-brown tones of the masonry. Here you should hire a bicycle or an e-bike if you are feeling safe enough. Spurge - As you are nearer to the major tourist sites, you will have to spend more on your Old Bagan lodging if it is within your budgets, I suggest you stay at the lovely Bagan Thande Hotel.

Middle Class - Stay in New Bagan at Theiddhi Hotel, which is a little further from the historic center and yet near a large number of local shops, is an inexpensive city. When you have a cycle or e-bike, the stay in New Bagan or even Nyaung U will be no problem.

Between Bagan and Inle Lake lies Kalaw, where you can spend the nights before taking a two-day walk to Inle Lake. And I think I was paying $30 for the two-day walk, which covered all meal (the meal was one of the best in Myanmar!) and shelter.

I' ve fallen in love with Lac Inle, it is unbelievably tranquil and the Intha' civilization and the spellbinding work of the fishers who are living in stilted towns on the edge of the shore of the shore is really amazing to explore. We took a night coach from Inle Lake to Mandalay for the last stage of our itinerary.

In Mandalay we made it easier for ourselves and made sure that Ruchi was near a restroom on our first outing. At the Mandalay Palace we went for a walk to Mandalay Hill, but to be frank, we didn't get used to the town. From my own experiences I think Mandalay is good for two nights, so you can do daily excursions to Mingun and Amarapura.

Spurge - If you want to pamper yourself in a place full of work and a swimming pool, Mandalay Resort is the place to be. It is very near the Mandalay hills, from where you have a wonderful panoramic look over the whole town. The Moon Light is in Mandalay near the Sri Ganesh Temple and right next to Mandalay Palace and is a basic accommodation with everything you need.

You can also use the bicycles of the hotels for free, which is a good way to discover the town. Had we had a few more working hours, we would definitely have taken the parade from Mandalay to Lashio, which is partly linked by the notorious Gokteik Bridge, described by Paul Theroux as "a giant of silvery geometrie in all this rugged cliff and jungle".

Do you plan a journey to Myanmar or have you already been there?

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