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A Myanmar trip is the final destination for many travellers on their holiday in Indochina. In the past, there were no similarities with other travel locations in Southeast Asia, Myanmar or Burma, which always offered the visitor the most inventive travel experience. Not only the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, the tranquil Mandalay sundown, the mystic Bagan and its never-ending Morgennebel pagoda, but also the one-of-a-kind oarsmen and kind men in the swimming towns of Inle Lake, every part of Myanmar is charming and together they form the unspoilt and unmistakable charms of the country.

You' ll be able to find inspiration in our examples from Myanmar, all of which can be adapted to your needs.

Less traffic on the road

Mythic country with golden buddhistic shrines, quiet hill towns and old tradition. The village inhabitants welcome the guests and invite them to their home to have a cup of coffee or even a shared dinner. But while tourism is booming in other parts of Southeast Asia, visitor numbers in Burma are still very low.

Aung San Suu Kyi, or "The Woman" as the natives lovingly call her, was heard by the people. However, Burma is undergoing major changes. Eating in a restaurant, travelling with native guide and using public transportation. Altough some amount of monetary unit from travel photograph shift to system, much as signal interest to any history structure and reaction compensable by anesthetic commerce.

However, a conscientious attitude will ensure that as much as possible goes into the local people's pocket. This has been included on almost every shortlist of "hot destinations" to be visited in 2012. "If we see a tourist, we have a good meal," the mom of a chef in a small hilltop town near Kalaw told me.

It is possible to take a Kalaw Mountains trip with native Rural Development Society leaders. It is a non-governmental organization whose project includes the construction of a number of isolated communities in Shan State, including school buildings, laboratories, water filtering systems and bridge construction. You will also be selling goods made by the village people in their store in Kalaw.

This allows him to "do something" for his population. Respectfully treated by the village residents, he is grateful for his support in building important ministries that are often promised but not kept by civil servants. The majority of Burmese citizens will say that they are not interested in political matters.

In the Four Sommelier Guest House in Nyaungshwe on Inle Lake, Ma Gi, the oldest of the four guesthouses, is pleased that things are looking up. Though not rich, she can donate to needy and less lucky students with more visitors living in her guest house.

A fascinating sight on the shores of Inle Lake - and one of the high points of a trip to Burma - is the observation of the local fishing on the shore in the later afternoons. That might seem like a bit of voyeuristic culture to some folks, but my local leader said that the Paudaung believe this practice makes their wives more handsome.

On the U Bien Bridge in Amapura almost as many visitors stroll as the natives. A walk across the pond gives you a magnificent view of the rice paddies and the old fishermen' s vessels that romp around on the pond. We have groups of young women who sell chains and wear thongs. Burma's fast-paced policy changes have caused a stir.

Six MONTHOOUS ago, the local people said they were arrested for having a small photograph of Aung San Suu Kyi with them. It is now possible for local people to access sites such as the BBC and CNN, which were previously closed, in the caf├ęs that are being built in the city and tourism centers.

For those who do, make sure that their tours are planned to provide as much assistance as possible to the population. Shwedagon Paya will blind you in every respect and it is the ambitions of many Burmese to come here at least once in their lives.

Walk through pinewoods to sparsely populated hill towns where the natives are inviting you for a cuppa. To Inle Lake Attend the swimming market and buy handcrafted items from indigenous webers and homemade cigars before you enjoy a Shan dinner on land.

However, Intrepid Travel can organise travel via Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and other citys. British nationals need a visas at the Union of Myanmar embassy in London before visiting Burma.

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