Burma Travel Itinerary

Myanmar Itinerary

Routes for two, three or four weeks in Burma/Myanmar. Receive the latest Burma itinerary from this experienced traveler. The Burma (Myanmar) tour offers experiences selected by Audley's Burma (Myanmar) specialists to inspire ideas for a tailor-made holiday. Condé Nast Traveller's expert guide to the best hotels, restaurants and highlights of this magical Southeast Asian country. Myanmar (Burma) first hand travel guide on visa, best travel time, tourist attractions, hotels, food etc.

Myanmar 2 Week - The perfect Burma itinerary 2018

Myanmar's best route is usually about 2 days and should contain a mixture of cultural and scenic beauties for which Burma is known. It is recommended that you travel between the towns of Bagan, Inle Lake, Mandalay and Kalaw. Myanmar was a last moment and in the midst of the high seasons, the first weekend of January.

The only thing we had in mind was the first two evenings at a Mandalaytel. Fortunately, we found the ideal bagan view from our room and book it directly via the TripAdvisor application on our mobile phones. Myanmar's lower route begins and ends in Mandalay, whether you go to Bagan or Inle Lake first.

It is a kind of chaotic three-way junction that hits four of Myanmar's best travelers. For the right pair, this chaos would also mean an epochal wedding trip to Myanmar. If you stay at least two days in Mandalay, you will have a whole full night to visit the area. The majority of Mandalay is overlooked by the tourist, as they do not know that there is much to do in Mandalay.

There are many places of interest in Mandalay or you can take part in a full excursion. After hiring a personal rider for the 12 hour 55,000 kyats ride, we were able to put together our own Mandalay trip and ride at our own speed.

It is recommended that you book before arriving in Mandalay as you cannot bargain with a taxid. Let your chauffeur take you to Mandalay, which is an hour's ride from Mandalay. Mingon 11 km / 7 mile up the Ayeyarwady river, there is a Mandalay mongoon boot for 5,000 yat and it will return to Mandalay at 1 pm.

One of our favourite temples in Mandalay was Mingun Pahtodawgyi, known for the cracking created by the 1839 quake. Near Mingun Pahtodawgyi is the beautiful Pagoda Hsinbyume Pagoda, from where you drive back to Mandalay to visit the Mandalay Palace in the ditch. For adventurous riders, take the steps up to the top of Mandalay Hill or a cab and then take the moving staircase to the top.

We recommend to watch the sun set over Mandalay from the top of the hills. Suggested Mandalay Hotels: Luxurious Mandalay $100+ Mandalay Hill 5 stars residence near the ditch. $50-$100 Midrange Mandalay The Link 78 Mandalay Boutique 4 stars hotels in the centre of Mandalay with contemporary rooms.

Suggested Mandalay Restaurants: Viator's on-line booking for a 10-hour Mandalay personal vehicle for $61 here. When you' re on schedule, you could do a days or two less, but frankly, Bagan is astonishing and you'll wish you had more in. Bagan has the most to see and do for the visitor than any other town in Myanmar.

If you travel from Mandalay to Bagan, you can either travel by air, take the coach, rent a $73 personal cab, or take a boating trip to Bagan. From Mandalay to Bagan we took the 10 hour trip, but it was really relaxed and beautiful. We' ve been in Bagan for 5 working day and would suggest at least 3 overnight stays in Bagan, as there are over 2,000 Buddhist monasteries in Bagan and you need to spend there.

Once you get there, you will see why we suggest you spend 5 nights in Bagan. Located directly on the outskirts of New Bagan with a magnificent panoramic sea front panorama. We' have used the few additional bucks per day for a room for pagodas in Bagan and it has been really rewarding.

From our balconies we could see 10 of the most popular Baganagodas, among them Su La Ma Ni Pahto, Dhamma Yan Gyi Pahto, Ananada Temple, Shwe San Daw Paya and That Byin Nyu Temple. Hiring e-bikes in Bagan is a must and the best way to see the best Bagan temple.

In Bagan, people are not permitted to hire a moped, but to be honest, e-bikes are exactly the same. BaBagan e-bike rental prices: Renting two bicycles for five nights, we did a little negotiating and some of the sundown fees, the price might have been lower in the city if we had bought around.

Your first outing in town, you'll get yourself a Bagan schematic. It is recommended to visit the churches near the capitals for one whole days. We' spent more of our days in sanctuaries, not even on the menu. Getting up early is one of our greatest travelling advices in Myanmar! Begin the early hours of the mornings, because you should not miss the sunrise in Bagan.

Observing the sun rise over the Bagan sanctuary never grows old. It is recommended to skip the sunrising or setting sanctuaries, as there will be tonnes of other people there. Instead, you should take a look at the concealed templates from the touristic card the previous workday. Every mornings we tried a different place in quest of the best Bagan Dawntempel and in the evenings again of the best Bagan Dawntempel.

The best view of the temple in Bagan is in a warm aeroplane. We saw the ballons over Bagan every day for some icons. Knowing we had to get into a hotshoe, one day we awoke at 5am and jumped into a hotshoe for an amazing mornings.

We' ve been flying around Bagan for over an hours on our own scooter. Because of Myanmar's dron law, we didn't take it with us, but the pictures of Bagan in a hotshoot was just as good. Please click here to reserve a Bagan aeroplane. Booking month in advanced, the inflatables are 4 month in advanced sell out, because the wind causes the inflatable to run only 5 a year.

Bagan has three major hotel zones: New Bagan, Old Bagan and Nyaung-U. New Bagan is right in the heart of the city and probably the best place to go, but if you hire an e-bike, it doesn't make any difference where you live, as you can travel from New Bagan to Nyang-U in just 20 mins.

and Nyang-U have the best restaurants. After having several mates in Myanmar and having gastric problems that were ruining their Myanmar days, we decided to go to higher places in Burma to have lunch. Myanmar has some great walks if you want to see a more rustic side of Myanmar.

The best hike in Myanmar is from Kalaw to Inle Lake. It is recommended that you stay one night in Kalaw to organize your hike. There' s not much to do in Kalaw, so you don't need to stay there more than a whole days before going on a hike. Busses from Bagan to Kalaw are available every morning, the trip takes about 6h.

In Kalaw there are a few hiking possibilities, the most favourite is the 70 km long 3-day hike from Kalaw to Lake Inle. There' s also a 2-day hike to Inle Lake if the 3-day hike is too intensive. A further 3-day tour from Kalaw to Pindaya is an unforgettable one. Typical 3-day hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake costs 40,000 kyats per capita and include all food, lodging and a full day tour guides.

There' s a 2-day 1-night hike. For $150 we recommend to book the 2 day Kalaw to Inle lake trekking on Viator here. A 3 day stay in Inle See is the ideal way to explore all the activities in Inle See and soak up the beautiful lakes.

The area is much larger than you think and it will take a while to circumnavigate the area. When you hike from Kalaw, you will need a rest and relaxation as well. From Bagan or Mandalay it is about 7-8 hrs. View our full Inle Lake Myanmar tour guides.

The best way to see the beautiful scenery is with a warm apron. Inle Sea is a relatively new type of aerosol system, operated by only two different airlines. Luckily we got into a ballon with orientental balancing and did a 2-hour flight. That was our fifth hot-air flight and probably our favourite.

Then we began with a low level flight over the towns along the shore of the pond and the swimming garden. In the end, we made it across the loch up to 7,000 ft. Enjoy a full days on the lakeside on an Inle lake cruise. For $35 US $ we organised a personal sea trip directly in our hotels for the whole family.

Luckily, you will see a group of men angling, Inle Lake fishermen are renowned for their monopod fishery styles. While there are a number of properties around the lakeside, most of them are in Nyaungshwe. The stay in a Nyaung Shwe outside of a Nyaung Shwe has its ups and downs.

You have to take a cab to Nyaungshwe to enjoy the evening meal and night life, but you still have a wonderful view of the lakes. So we decided to spend the night at the lakeside, our motel was only 40 minutes from the city and was 20.000k each way. There is a large selection of restaurants at Inle lake.

We' ve only had 3 lunches at Inle Lake and a good place to eat was so good that we went back. Asiatico Inle Pub has a great roof top cocktail lounge with 2,000k hot-hours. When you travel in high seasons (November-February), we recommend that you reserve a room in your city. Burma is becoming a favorite travel spot and books travel to resorts month in advance. Get the most out of your stay.

But did you know that you entered your trip data in TripAdvisor and it offers you the best prices on various reservation sites? As already stated, we book our Bagan hotels on our apps while we were in a cab to the airfield to get our plane to Myanmar.

Inexpensive air travel to Myanmar will be to Yangon, but in these 2 week periods in Myanmar we strongly recommend that you fly to Mandalay. Mandalay has a number of non-stop services from a number of Asian locations. From Chiang Mai Thailand we went directly to Mandalay for $220 return flight (including bags) with Bangkok Airways, it was a fast 1.

Pre-order your Myanmar eVisa now. The application was received one weeks before our journey and we were accepted within 3 workdays. When you are in Southeast Asia, we recommend that you spend a weeks or two in Myanmar. Burma is rapidly evolving and travelling in Myanmar is becoming simpler - we recommend a visit before later.

Did you travel to Myanmar? Which was your Myanmar itinerary? We travelled to Myanmar in cooperation with TripAdvisor, but as always our own views are our own.

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