Burma Travel Itinerary

Myanmar Itinerary

The following travel suggestions will give you an idea of what we can arrange for you. Burma has been on my list of places to visit since I've been in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is a beautiful country. Find out why West Burma travel guide.

Burma itinerary: Part of 14 workdays ((2 weeks)

Of the unbelievable antique town of Bagan to Myanmar's tranquil and wonderful seaside resorts, you can spend two whole days in Myanmar to see all the top resorts in the land at a speed that means you don't have to hurry from one goal to the next. Below we have arranged a two-week itinerary for Myanmar, visiting the interesting Yangon and Mandalay as well as the old Bagan buddhistic temple, the tranquil shoreline of Ngapali and the unbelievable nature of Inle Lake.

Please note: Although Myanmar is a low-income nation, travel can be unexpectedly costly. How much do I need for Myanmar? tells you how much to plan for a visit to Myanmar, from accommodation and transport to dining and inns. Their two-week stay in Myanmar begins with a flight to Yangon, Myanmar's most important business town.

Myanmar in Yangon, former Myanmar capitol, combines Burma cultural life with many UK Colonies and a mixture of Myanmar, Britain, China and India. You will need a Myanmar entry permit if you have a non-Southeast Asian citizenship-pass. For more information on the Myanmar Tourist Visas on Arrival Guides.

There is a wide choice of Yangon properties, from sumptuous five-star to inexpensive and basic inns. The Yangon Quick Guide provides a list of the best luxurious, mid-range and budgeted properties in town, with suggestions for sightseeing and restaurants. Most famous for its historic couples, Yangon offers a wide array of activities for travelers, from Tibetan Buddha-like couples to Catholics, stunning artificial seas and World War II graveyards.

Sule Pagoda is a small buddhistic stupa in the center of Yangon. Yangon's two artificial lagoons - Lake Kandawgyi near Shwedagon Pagoda and Lake Inya in the northern part of the town - are great places to unwind and unwind and enjoy a side of Yangon's lifestyle that many visitors don't see.

Taukkyan War Çemetery, 25 kilometers south of Yangon, is a graveyard for fallen Allies killed in the Second World War in Burma. It also has a large choice of musea, colorful houses and places of interest for people. The Things To Do In Yangon guidebook contains a list of other pages, museum and other activities in the town.

It' surfing to the sea after three nights in Yangon. Myanmar beaches are far less advanced than their Thai or even Vietnamese counterparts, making places like Ngapali Beaches perfect for enjoying South East Asia without the masses of people. The Ngapali Airport is a few hours fly from Yangon, with several departures a day to Thandwe Airport.

Thandwe is only 10 minutes by car from the beaches and its increasing choice of hotels and guest houses. Ngapali is a secluded and peaceful place, Ngapali is all about relaxing. A small islet near Ngapali Bay and reachable by ferry, Pearl lsland is a favourite excursion spot with clear waters, perfect for snorkeling.

The Ngapali Quick Guide shows you the best luxurious, mid-range and affordable Ngapali beaches as well as the best beacheside activity, sights and dining. It' bathing in the sea for three nights and then it is finally the right moment to go to the town. Unfortunately there are no airfares between Thandwe and Bagan, so it is necessary to return to Yangon first and then take a connection to Nyaung U airport near Bagan.

Golden Myanmar Airlines and Air KBZ offer one-stop services between Thandwe and Nyaung U in just over four hour time. Upon your arrival in Bagan, you will be asked to contribute a US$20 (or 27,000 Kyat) charge to enter the Bagan Archeological Zone. Bagan is one of the biggest archeological places in the wide range of the globe, with over 1,000 shrines and remains, most of which were constructed in the eleventh and twelfth century.

The most important temple of Bagan, our tour guides cover the sights of the area, all of which can be seen within two working hours. Myanmar's second biggest town, Mandalay, was the last imperial capitol of Burma and continues to be one of the most important economic towns in Myanmar. The Mandalay Palace, Mahamuni Buddha Temple and other places of culture and religion make Mandalay an interesting town for a brief stay.

Getting from Bagan to Mandalay is easy. Flight times are often from Nyaung U airport to Mandalay in about 30 mins. It' recommended to spend at least two nights in Mandalay before heading to Inle Lake. Myanmar is the last imperial capitol of Myanmar and is home to a multitude of regal and sacred places, such as Mahamuni Buddha Temple and Mandalay Palace.

The Things To Do In Mandalay guides cover the major features of Mandalay, from buddhistic shrines to the notable U Leg Bridge. Myanmar has one of the largest tourism destinations, the Inle Sea, a huge pond in the heart of Myanmar, which is one of the most important eco-systems in Southeast Asia. It is home to a wide range of strains, many of which are aquatic, and is home to several thousand migrants.

From Mandalay there are two ways to get to Inle Lake. We recommend a seven -hour overnight coach from Mandalay to Inle Lake. A simpler and more costly way is the direct flight from Mandalay to Heho Airport, which is only a brief ride from Inle Lake.

To get there and where to where our Inle lake guidebook shows the best guest houses, properties and resort around Inle lago. As in Bagan, there is a charge for travelers arriving in Inle lake - you will be asked to make a $10 US on your return. The best way to explore Inle Shores is by sea, with group and individual trips on the lakes.

Its about $15 to $20 to take a trip to the water by barge for the whole outing. It is also possible to walk in the hilly areas around Lac Inle, which is a good way to see the wonderful landscape. In our Inle lake - things ton of sea - things ton of lake and DO guidebook contains a route, in order to explore the sea, without meeting thereby too many other tourist, as well as a listing of objects of interest in the environment of the sea.

Departing from Yangon early on the 14th you can see more of Myanmar's largest town from Inle Lake on the 13th and get a good night's rest before the plane leaves. It is a little over an hour's drive from Heho to Yangon.

Visit our Yangon Quick Guide if you want to stay one or two nights in town before you leave the next mornings. When your Yangon flights depart later on Da 14, it is also possible to stay an additional overnight stay near Inle Lake and on the da 14.

Yangon serves all important metropolises in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Begin your Myanmar journey now! Skyscanner offers you the best deals on Myanmar airport tickets - a single query shows you the rates and timetables of many airline companies for your itinerary.

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On our Myanmar Routes you will find out where to go and what to do: Discover our Myanmar travel guide to other Myanmar travel locations.

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