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Myanmar (formerly Burma) travel health and vaccination tips Check out our advice on traveling to Burma for weather, cultural etiquette, tips, communication and more. MYANMAR HOTELS RESORTS HOLIDAYS TRIPS RECREATION TRIPS Burma is one of the biggest countries in Southeast Asia and extends over 2,000 km from north to south. It' s twice the Vietnamese and more than a fourth taller than Thailand, and Myanmar is taller than England and France put together. Myanmar is a multi-racial nations - about 130 ethnical groups make up the populations of nearly 45 million people.

Most of Myanmar's population is Bamaren (from which the British have given Burma its name), but the Shan, Kachin, Kayin, Mon, Rakhine and others are also known throughout the state. Myanmar's humans are descended from three major branches: The Kuthodaw Pagoda in Mandalay, in which the whole Buddhist scripture is engraved on 729 plates of stone, is "The biggest novel in the world".

Proof of the presence of prehistoric man has been found throughout the land. Burma is an enchanted land with a long heritage of art and art. Mandalay, the old city and the fame of Myanmar's kings, is the greatest repertoire of handicrafts in Myanmar. All over Myanmar, the pilgrimage sites, sacred relics and large Buddhist statues are genuine specimens of the abundant traditions of Bagan art and craftsmanship and the earlier epochs of craftsmanship so apparent in Myanmar's past.

Burma is rich in beautiful scenery that makes for unbelievably beautiful scenery. Myanmar's bodily beauties are further accentuated by the stunning palagodas and sanctuaries that can be found throughout the state. The places of reflection and prayers exude the apparent humanity. Burma is commonly known as the land of festival due to the myriad worship and culture festivities that take place all over the world.

While some are nationwide festivals, others are only loved in Yangon or the district areas. The Union of Myanmar's Independence Day is commemorated throughout the entire state on 4 January. Myanmar Traditional Equestrian or Myin Khin Thabin is a annual celebration in Yangon, which in antiquity gave Myanmar monarchs the chance to show off their power as Myanmar's soldiers, but today it is mainly dedicated to maintaining Myanmar's sense of socialism.

This is the traditional Thanksgiving Day of Htamane. Nobody should miss the chance to taste a tasty Myanmar delicacies made of glutinous sprouts with coconuts, sesame kernels, groundnuts, ginger and oliveoils, especially made for the Celebration. You can' t get your Sunday clothes on at the Thinkyanfest!

The Union Day celebration coincides with 12 February. Represenatives and culture troops from the seven states and seven departments of the Union of Myanmar in colorful, folk costume are gathering in places all over the state. It underscores the attractiveness of the various national groups within the Union.

The most colourful of the year is March, as the pagoda festivals are in full bloom. SWEDAGON Pagoda Feast takes place on the full moons of Tabaung and is one of the greatest celebrations of the months. In the course of this celebration, Myanmar residents can get a sense of the Myanmar human spirit by attending church masses or watching the fun ritual.

The Thingyan or Wasserfestival takes place in April for three whole countries. The young crowd gathers to chant, perform dances and pour over themselves with music. And if you're not worried about getting soaked, don't miss this exuberant party!

Mai The Kason Festival of Irrigation of the Holy Banyan Tree symbolizes the Buddha's Nativity, Illumination and Mourning. It' an important buddhistic feast and many parades take place on temples all over the world. In Myanmar, the beginning of the rainy period makes the month of June and July relatively calm. However, there are several smaller Buddha celebrations to enjoy.

The Taungpyone Nat or Spirit Festivals is a favourite five-day event in Taungpyone near Mandalay. Both Nat brothers honored during the Taungpyone Nat are among the 37 known Myanmar Nats. Anawrahta' s history dates back to the reign of King Anawrahta, when it was the obligation of every man in the realm to provide a stone and a fistful of sands for the building of a pagoda.

At the side of the pagoda he constructed a large nat sanctuary in honour of the two of them. Now the Feast of Reverence is an annual celebration to placate the ghosts, as it is thought that the Nat brethren can grant your desires, save you from misfortune and peril, and brings happiness, wealth and fare.

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival takes place once a year at Lake Inle. On a visit to Myanmar you should not miss the magnificent and ceremonious inle-legs. Visit Myanmar Year 1 1996 opens on a large scale. 1.

Thadingyut, or Luminous Feast, which ends Buddhist Lent, is also one of the most important feasts of the year. Tazaungdine is another feast of lights in November. Another important event outside Yangon is the elephant dance in Kyaukse, a small city not far from Mandalay.

Elephants are circling three rounds at the bottom of the mound to worship the Shwe Tha Lyaung Pagoda. Boat Regatta Festival is taking place on Lake Kandawgyi to remember the fame, souvereignty, diplomacy, patriotism and nationalism of Myanmar to the younger age.

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