Burma Travel information

Myanmar travel information

Files Download | File Name | Lonely Planet Myanmar Burma Travel By Lonely Planet Allen PDF. Myanmar Burma Travelling Information and Advice We' re planning to go to Myanmar in our European summers, but they say there's a great deal of precipitation there, so it's not a good day to do so. Myanmar's climates are three distinct seasonal tropics. Although it is raining hard in Yangon and Inle Lake, travelling in Myanmar during this period is still pleasant, as Mandalay and Bagan are in arid areas where it hardly ever starts to rainstorm.

The best time for the Inle Sea is the wet seasons. The cold time of year ("winter") is from mid-October to mid-February with an mean of 20-24 degrees Celsius. This is the best time of year to come to Burma. Certain areas of South-West of Shan State (Kalaw) and Eastern Shan State (Kyaing Tong) in Northern Burma have temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius, so travellers may need to wear hot clothing to travel around the area.

Though it is a little warm, our programmes are conceived to make travelling pleasant as we prevent the sun from getting too warm by walking around in the morning and evening. Where can I get a Myanmar ("Burma") visa?

All except some ASEAN nations need a visas to get to Myanmar. A valid passport with entry visas is necessary for all travelers to Burma. You can apply for a Myanmar Visas at any embassy or consulate abroad. Visas cost about US$ 30 in your country's own currencies. Is it possible to get a visitor visas on-line? eVisa,'Electronic visas on line system' for Myanmar has been in practice since 01.09.2014 and is working well.

You can find more information on the E-Visa page. The visa fee begins at $50/pax and the visa application procedure will take approximately 5 working nights to obtain it. Cash:'kyat' can also be taken out three daily at Yangon International Airport cash machines and all touristic attractions and large towns such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Taunggyi.

In Myanmar, Master and Visa Master and Visa badges are now mainly used in tourist establishments such as hotel, tourist agency and high-end restaurant establishments. Columbus Travels also accepts payments by bank transfer. We at Columbus Travels are very versatile in cancelling all reservations until the last second.

However, in Myanmar, most establishments have twenty-one (21) day group travel and seven (7) day single travel. What about the transport during your Myanmar trip? There has been a strong improvement in Burma (Myanmar) in recent years.

Travelling by train, however, is still not as convenient. Columbus Travels customers fly with trusted privately owned carriers; KBZ Airport (K7), Yangon Airways (YA), Mandalay Airport (6T), Asian Wings Airways (YJ), Mann Yadanar Pone Airline (7Y), Golden Myanmar Airline (GMA), Apex Airline and sometime from Myanmar National Airline (UB) with ATR aircraft, ATC, ATF, Fokker, Jet and Embraer.

The free checked-in weight on Burma (Myanmar) internal services is generally restricted to 20 kg. Oversized bags can be handed in at Yangon Hotel for pick-up upon arrival from abroad. Climate-controlled vehicles or coaches may not always be available in isolated areas, and travellers should be warned that the condition of streets in isolated areas is not the same.

Because of the bad traffic situation, the crossing usually lasts longer than expected by the travellers, with an average of only 45 to 50 kilometres per hr. While in Myanmar we want to see the natural world, our cultural heritage, our past and our lifestyle. We' re also looking for other places of interest such as interesting indigenous fairs, celebrations, traditional crafts and industry in Myanmar and the chance to get to know the locals in their own surroundings.

One speciality is the possibility to taste Myanmar's local food and enjoy various local and local entertainments in Myanmar. Incorporating these additional aspects makes every trip to Myanmar a more rich, worthwhile and remarkable one. The Myanmar kitchen consists of raw or pasta, usually accompanied by a wide range of curry between meats and seafood, along with a meal of vegetable, salad, soup and herbs.

The Myanmar curry is usually less hot than the ones that Thailand serves. You will be serving various meals from Myanmar, China, Europe (French and Italian), Thailand and India. Myanmar's most favourite are Mouk-hin-kha (thin pasta with sauce of sea bream and onion) and Ohn-noh-khauk-swe (pasta with sauce of chickens and coconut).

Not Myanmar, China or Thailand culinary, but it tastes really good in its own way. Travellers are offered a wide range of meals and meals, which have been chosen with care according to hygienic and gastronomical aspects. Myanmar's hotel standard differs mainly in terms of service and uptime.

Most of the new and renovated resorts in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake, Kyaing Tong, Ngapali Beach, Ngwe Saung Beach and Chaung Thar Beach meet the latest and highest global hotel standard. There are only plain and modest establishments in the area. Are Myanmar good places to shop? Most of Myanmar's handicrafts are handmade and are a beautiful souvenir.

Myanmar's gemstone stores sell Myanmar jewels, stones, sapphires, Java and beads. Are there any mandatory immunizations for Myanmar? While there are no mandatory immunizations for travelling to Myanmar (Burma), it is recommended to take precautionary measures against the outbreaks. Prescribable medicines are not widespread in the far-flung regions of Myanmar, so travellers should take all necessary medicines with them.

Insecticides are particularly recommendable when travelling to outlying areas in combination with other methods to avoid gnat sting. SIMs in Myanmar have been costly and hard to come by for many years. Is it possible to take out Myanmar tourist health cover? We recommend that you take out your own home trip insurances.

Select a serious insurer with a representative in Myanmar. Travellers can take 200 smokes, one litre of vine and half a litre of fragrance duty-free. Exports of antiquities from Myanmar (Burma) are banned. You may only take gemstones and jewelry bought from authorized retailers or that can be exported from Myanmar.

Even in secluded areas there is broadband connection. It is about 5 hour driving distance from Yangon. It is always very vibrant and vibrant with its resident audience and various types of restaurant and pub ( "Myanmar Bierstation"). Use a torch when travelling to a land where the power is bad.

Tips in Myanmar depend on how well you think they were at your services. You will need to wear lightweight clothes all year round, but a pullover or coat may be needed when travelling in undulating terrain, especially in the coldstorm. For a visit during the wet period (May - September) an parasol or raincover is needed for the day in Inle Shores and Yangon.

Travellers are recommended to stay away from tugboats approaching them in order to trade forex or to trade precious stones of doubtful value. Travellers are also recommended not to take mains running waters. Treated bottletails are available all over Myanmar. Myanmar and Thailand cross the Thai borders at four checkpoints:

Mae Sai, Myawaddy - Mae Saot, Kawthaung - Ranong and Htee Khee - Nan PhuRau has opened with effect from August 28, 2013 for foreign nationals as well as for Myanmaric people. If you are coming to Myanmar via the Myanmar immigration route, you should already apply for a Myanmar visas.

If you are coming to Myanmar via the Myanmar immigration route, you should already apply for a Myanmar visas. The Myanmar-China checkpoint is on rue Li-Mu Se and prior approval is still required. There are three gateways:'Yangon','Mandalay' and'Nay Pyi Taw' airport.

Thailand Airways, Bangkok Airways, Thai Air Asia, Air China, China Air, All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airways, Biman Bangladesh Anilines, China Southern Airways, Dragon Air, Jet Star, Korean Air, Malaysia Aniline, Myanma Airways Int'l, Nok Air, Qatar Airways, Silk Air, Singapore Air, Tiger Air, Vietnam Airways and Vietjet Airlies are flying to Yangon.

There are flights to Mandalay from Bangkok Airways, Thai Air Asia, Silk Air and China Eastern Airline. Both Bangkok Airways and China Eastern Airlines are flying to'Nay PyiTaw'.

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