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Myanmar travel information

These are the quick facts every traveler should know. Myanmar travel information, vacation ideas and travel tips including hotel reviews and our latest Burma articles. Important information for travel to Mayanmar, formerly Burma, including time zones, language, visas, money, food and drink. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Myanmar (Burma) Travel Guide. A visual guide through Burma, with information before the trip, suggestions for sightseeing, reservation of services and accommodation.

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3 round pens, 3 round pens, 3 round pens. "Entrance requires a visitor's permit. It is also your responsibility to notify CIBT of any changes or cancellation. All public and private vacations require a UK citizenship card which must be in force at least 6 month after the scheduled date of return".

Myanmar attractions, travel and holiday proposals

Touristic establishments are sufficient in Bagan, Inle Lake, Mandalay, Ngapali Strand, Yangon and Taunggyi, but otherwise local. There are no touristic institutions in the new capitol Naypyidaw, and there are accounts that aliens were expelled after trying to enter Naypyidaw without a permit. Travelling by foreign nationals is reduced in many areas of the state.

Guests can count on paying many more than the local population for accommodation, internal air travel and entrance to touristic attractions throughout the state. Guests are urged to take the necessary amount of money with them to meet their spending for the length of their stay, as traveller's cheques and major debit card payments are not often received and ATM badges do not work.

Apart from these challenging obstacles, from the jungle and snow-capped mountain to untouched beach, Burma (Myanmar) is one of the most exciting travel destination in Asia. Well-known as the Golden Land, the Land of Immortality and the Land of Gems, it is golden that is everywhere adored and found, especially on a pagoda and monastery.

Unknown for its splendour, the historic old city of Mandalay is still the centre of culture with many historic places, monuments and buddhistic buildings such as the Golden Palace Monastery, Mandalay Hill and Kuthodaw Paya. Remark: In the whole of Southeast Asia, also in Burma, there is an increased risk of Terror. Bombs exploded all over the land, in Yangon (Rangoon), Naypyidaw and Mandalay among others.

The areas visited by visitors, which included malls, stores, restaurants, hotels as well as local buses and trams, were located. Travelling times: Nov-Feb are the favorite month to visit Myanmar. TOURIST PAGES AND LINKS: Burma Tourism Services Co. TOURIST TRANSPORT: PASSSPORTE - REISEVISEN - WARNINGS: NOTE: Before you plan your trip to any global destinations, we strongly advise you to confirm important information regarding all current medical, ID and visas regulations.

Travel Visa Pro staff can help you with all your visa needs! Which kind of government does Myanmar have? In Myanmar (Burma), which language is spoken?

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