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Myanmar travel information

Burma travel information Because of their remote location, the island and the nearby oceans are full of an astonishing variety of wildlife and very nice under water scenery and sea creatures. and Myanmar Airways from Yangon to Kawthaung and Myeik. They can go to Thailand by train, by ferry in about 30 Min.

F: What is a Discovery / Adventure Canoeing? Deposit/adventure cruises include a cruiser with islet jumping, mangrove tours, insular hiking, kayaking, snorkelling, birdwatching and birdwatching, and birdwatching of local salons or Molcen Socials. Mealtimes are taken on the ship with a committed chef. F: What is a dive safari?

D: Diver accommodations and equipment are provided or are on board a liveaboard tour. It will be your home and you will be eating, sleeping and plunging away! Liveaboards remain at sea for the entire cruising period, allowing them to discover more secluded areas. These types of dives offer a whole range of first-class dives that would not be available on a normal day-trip sail.

Bushman diving in Burma lasts from the end of October to April. Myanmar's live-aboard diving begins at 07:00 a.m. with the first and last dives being either a sundown or a sundown. F: Which diving licence do I need? Myanmar's live-aboard diving begins at 07:00 a.m. with the first and last dives being either a sundown or a sundown.

F: Which licence do I need? D: An open sea licence is accepted for Burma if you have an average degree of knowledge. Though there are some low and open spots, there are plenty of simple spots and enough divers on the boat so you never have to go beyond your depth.

In order to make the most of your Burma scuba safari experience, you need the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver licence. Courses can also be arranged with PADI qualified scuba divers. D: Some of the Burmese divesites frequented by live-aboard divers may have powerful current. You will be advised by your instructor during your briefing.

F: I do not have my certificate, can I still attend it? By contacting the center where you are certificated, they can help you get a new map before you leave. F: Can I go alone? D: Liveaboards in Myanmar are sport liveaboards and as such comply with the rules for sport divers.

That means you have to go down to a max. 40 meters with a friend and keep to the safest times. This is no issue if you choose to go without a leader, provided you have the necessary gear to do your scuba without assistance, i.e. computer or chronometer, balloon, handheld, and scuba-blade.

Inquire with the skipper about how to replace your battery. Sailing onboard Chinese, Myanmar, Thai and European breakfast. CHARACTERISTICS characteristics. A: You can take whatever you want on Myanmar. We can organize the transfer from your accommodation to your diving safari, from Ranong airport, if you are arriving shortly before your depart.

One: Our diving center and our offices are in Kawthaung, on a very crowded road at the top of Myoma Jetty. Q: Where can I keep my luggage when I go on a ferry? It is possible to keep your belongings and belongings in our offices for the time of your diving safari.

When you are particularly prone to travel illness, you should consider a February-April ferry if the sea is very serene. F: Is the customer travel health insurances covered? Ensure that your policy is in place in Burma. D: The dive sites in Burma are free of malaria.

F: Can a non-driver go on a diving safari? and snorkelers are welcome on all our dive liveaboards. You may have your own cabins if the vessel is not full, but this cannot be ensured. F: Can I visit the archipelagoes? Adventure cruises will stop at any chosen location so you can see the archipelago, the sea and the underwater world.

Before and every departure, please inform the guide. When you have fulfilled or surpassed your expectation, you can tip up to 10% of your travel cost. Nursing and silvertip shark are common on Burma Banks dive safaris.

Anyone know if it is possible to explore this area, Isle of Hops, with the fishing canoe? This is the most costly area in Myanmar. There' s only one privately owned Myanmar based tour operator, but they do Discovery Cruise - not scuba-dipping. The other option is a scuba on board Phuket, Thailand - but be careful, it is incredibly costly, as they require about $3000 boating licence to get the licence to do so.

Very few resorts, hotels, guesthouses on the island and the entrance from the Burma land (with fishermen' s vessels or similar) is strongly supervised by the state. It' s also possible to organize a multi-day trip from Myanmar, with rented skipper and skipper, there was a station here too, they left Myeik, but again not inexpensive and must be arranged in advanced to get the necessary permissions.

But no scuba dipping on this ship. You can see the surrounding area in Dawei, in Kawthoung you can take a long cock to some near isles. But I saw the price of Phuket's livecam and it' s fucking silly!

You must make arrangements with the Burmese authorities to build a tourist destination there....everyone in Burma's tourist industry must..... Rates for 5 nights / 4 nights in doubleroom: - Scuba dive, kayaking, snorkelling and sight seeing are not contained in the above tariff.

I have seen some submarine companies that offer 7-day excursions for about $1200, is there anything less cost? Yes, the licences are 2000 US$ this year, which makes scuba dives there very costly. How strict are the safety and governance rules when there are over 800 isles? When I' m on some stupid canoe, over 800 isles, how many agencies are there anyway?!

but I mean, more than 800 isles. I' m wondering if there's any way you could be living or traveling with the Martians. There is nowhere to go without a license and a licensed tour guides, off the beaten track and if or when you do, they will see you assorted in no amount of at all.

When you are transported or left in your home by an indigenous Myanmar resident, you put them in a very serious state. Much in my mind, you can just go far away with a canoe, raft or whatever....it's all under control, and especially liveboarding through Phuket.

Look, it comes down to just about the rules about foreign nationals who stay in state-approved inns..... and not stray outside the licensed areas> Myanmar Travel and Tourism say that it is for the safety of the visitor..... Excursions by night on the island...... not really... only one I know.....

They then set off with a Myanmar leader after their trip was over. You canoeled the island and didn't get grabbed. Thing is, they were seen by many folks, and there was no further information about their leader (who was also seen in several places AND who was known to the soldier who organized the visit).

Firstly, it is very hard to move around the island without help (fresh sea, meals, guidance, accommodation, if necessary, etc.) or without contacting the people. Someone I think I found out somewhere that it is possible for a foreigner to travel from Myanmar to Thailand, near a place named Kawthuang, in the very southern part of Myanmar.

However, I believe I have also been reading that it is not possible to get to this city by land, but it is or was possible to get to it by sea. Anyone have up-to-date information? In this way most humans take a plane to Dawei or Myeik and then take the express shuttle to Kawthoung, these day one needs the permission to arrive and leave also at this limit, if one comes from Yangon/Oberburma.

As foreigners, you will be limited where you can go, some areas are militarily vulnerable, some the authorities cannot allow you (a foreigner) in areas with which the authorities have no contact/relationship (ethnic tribal drug lord factions that fight each other), so they will not allow anyone, at some point they will allow you there, with a license and a leader, this can also be changed every day and month.

I' m a much new divers who was certificated last year in Cozumel and I used to love it. I' d like to go on another dive holiday, but this year on board a dive safari. I' m living in CA, so much nearer than Thailand would be great..... like the Roaton Islands, but it looks like it wouldn't be so perfect in December?

Hello there, welcome to the beautiful aquatic environment of dive! A live-aboard safari is not recommended for a newcomer. The Cozumel is the best dive in the Caribbean (in my opinion.....). The Roatan is good - solid rock formation, but you won't see anything like the amount or magnitude of sea creatures you do in Coz - because the Bay Islands have been over-fished.

Suggest that you contact a good scuba diving store in your area. While the Coco Island off Costa Rica is one such place, an OW certificate is not enough as its over 100 foot perilous streams that has even struck Divemaster. When you are PADI OW certified, you will always be diving with a divemaster, whether single or with a Buddy, and usually a beginner is mated with an older Diver for a buddy.

Visit PADI.com for diving stores, divemasters and diving sites around the world, they have the information for everyone, telephone e-mail etc.

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