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Myanmar travel information

The Myanmar Information can bring travelers useful and fun guides for breathtaking adventures in this mysterious land. The Burmese government is removing a third of the names from the black travel list. This section contains the most important information about obtaining a tourist visa for Burma and some tips and suggestions for a safe trip in Myanmar. With its beautiful nature and glittering pagodas, Myanmar can take travellers' breath away.

Burma travel guide and travel information

This is a travel guide summarised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK. We" means the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Please go to www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice. for comprehensive travel information. Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against all travel: Taletwaownship, in the south of China, for an ongoing military war.

When you visit Mount Victoria in the Mindat Islands you should consult a travel agent or guide before travelling. Shuan State ( "North"), except Kyaukme City, Hsipaw City, and the Mandalay to Kyaukme and Hsipaw rail lines. The city of Lashio and its airports are located in the area where the Bundeskartellamt advises against all travel.

In Kachin State (with the exception of the cities of Myitkyina, Bhamo and Putao) there is a continuing threat of war. There is volatility in the situations in ethnic states in which military groups are operating. In northern Shan, Kachin and Karen/Kayin states there are persistent conflicts and the potential for violence in other ethnical states.

Be particularly careful in the areas bordering Thailand, Laos or China. In September 2014 there were several armored confrontations in the states of Karen/Kayin and Mon and in July 2015 in the state of Karen/Kayin. There was an increase in the number of military conflicts in the state of Kayin in September 2016. At least 20 persons were killed in May 2018 in an attack at Muse near the Chinese frontier.

It is likely that terrorism will attempt to assassinate Burma. Some parts of the UK embassy do not allow British embassy officers to travel free without Burma's government's approval. British public safety agencies have identified Burma as a threat of Zika infection. Information and guidance on the dangers associated with the Zika viruses can be found on the National Travel Network and Centre website.

When you are abroad and need assistance from the UK authorities, please consult the closest UK diplomatic mission, diplomatic mission or the High Commissioner. Myanmar conducted general election on November 8, 2015. National League for Democracy (NLD), headed by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, won the most recent seat and in April 2016 constituted a state.

The Burmese army will retain 25% of parliamentary and various other positions. Myanmar has been affected by ongoing domestic conflict in which a number of non-state gunmen from Burma's ethnical states have been involved. By October 2015, the federal administration was signatory to a national ceasefire agreement with 8 (about half) of the groups involved.

North of Shan State, Kokang Self-Administered Zone is not under truce. There is still the potential for violence in all ethnical states of the world, such as Shan, Rakhine, Chin, Kachin, Kayah, Karen/Kayin and Mon. There have been reported increased intercommunal tensions and occasional violence in other parts of the state, Burma and Rangoon included, following events in the state of Rakhine in September 2017.

U Ko Ni, a Burmese National League for Democracy (NLD) counsel, was gunned down on January 29, 2017 at Rangoon airport, as was a cabbie trying to infiltrate. Such deeds are not usual in Burma. Historically, there have been political violent events around the holiday season such as Armed Forces Day (27 March) and Martyrs' Day (19 July).

Other anniversary events, such as the August 8, 1988 rebellion against the regime and the September 2007 protest, are expected to see an increased deployment of military personnel in Rangoon and elsewhere in Burma. Bundeskartellamt advises against any travel to the state of Rakhine, with the exception of the provinces of Kyaukpyu, Ramree, Munaung, Toungup, Thandwe (including the touristic town of Ngapali) and Gwa in the south.

That is due to the continuing tensions following the severe riots in 2012 and the continuing danger of pre-emptive military conflicts and the threats of landmines in the north. At Mrauk U in central Rakhine on 16 January 2018 protest took place in which 7 people were murdered and 30 civilians and policemen were wounded.

Bundeskartellamt advises against all trips to Kachin State (with the exception of the cities of Myitkyina, Bhamo and Putao) because of the continuing danger of a violent war. When you travel to Myitkyina, Bhamo and Putao, you should keep an eye on regional trends and stay in touch with your travel agent if the safety conditions there change.

Burma's government is currently limiting travel between Myitkyina and Bhamo: travel to and between these two cities is by plan. Bundeskartellamt advises against all trips to the north Shan state (north): Bundeskartellamt advises against a trip to Lashio. The train is probably more secure than the street.

That is because both the Tatmadaw and ethnically militarized groups carry men and arms on the streets, but not on trains. There is a regular outbreak of gunfire in northern Shan State (south). Since April 2018, the fighting has become more intense. Bundeskartellamt advises against a trip to the Paletwa township in the South Chinese state because of an actively at war.

When you visit Mount Victoria in the Mindat Valleys, you should consult a travel agent or guide before you leave. You should be particularly alert and pay particular attention to the frontier areas. In the vicinity of the Thai, Lao and Chinese frontiers, especially in the states of Shan, Karen/Kayin, Mon and Kachin, there are still further activities of a militaristic nature.

In Karen/Kayin State (Myawaddy and Kawkareik) and Mon State (Kyaik Mayaw) there are occasions of collisions and you should consult a travel guide or travel agent before travel. Burma's authorities are restricting travel to most frontier areas. Mae Sot ( "Myawaddy") (Burma Karen/Kayin State) - Mae Sot (western Thai border). When you are obliged to surrender your identity card to the British Embassy in Rangoon.

Do not try to unlawfully pass a frontier or access prohibited areas without the appropriate permits from the Myanmar government. There are no limits for visiting Rangoon, Mandalay, Bago and Irrawaddy. Please consult the Ministry of Tourism for more information. Bundeskartellamt cannot provide consulting on the security of single carriers.

The International Civil Aviation Organization conducted a review of the deployment of Burma's security controls in 2010. Allow enough space in your route to take this into account. They cannot travel in Burma with a British or international driver's license.

They must obtain a Myanmar driver's license from the Department for Roads Transport and Administration in Rangoon. Cross-country trips can be dangerous especially in the wet seasons (May to October). Traffic between many areas outside the main areas of Rangoon, Mandalay, Bago and Irrawaddy is limited.

Ask your travel agent or the Ministry of Hotels, Tourism and Sports before you travel. Though Burma is on the right, most of the vehicles are right-handed. The Bundeskartellamt employees are recommended to prevent driving on the Mandalay-Naypyitaw-Rangoon highway at dusk due to low light and insufficient cobbles.

Get on-site consultation, where it is safer to go swimming or diving. Burma's technology infrastructures are undergoing rapid improvement and in the near term significant changes can be expected for international people. GSM international mobile phone is now available in Burma and all Burmese LANs provide 3G.

British wireless operators may be charging particularly high rates for calling in Burma. A lot of people travel with a replacement cell and buy a VIP membership on arrival (about 1500 kyats - about £1). It is likely that terrorism will attempt to assassinate Burma. They should take reasonable care and obey the instructions of your safety officers.

There were 3 small blasts in 2 Rangoon hypermarkets on November 17 and 20, 2016. There were four small blasts outside Rangoon Immigration on November 24, 2016. In October 2013, several small blasts caused injuries to a foreigner in Rangoon, Taungoo and Sagaing. 3.

Its last major offensive took place in April 2010, when 3 bomb blastings detonated and over 170 Burmese Buddhist New Year's celebrations were held in Rangoon. In Burma, although these legislation is hardly ever implemented in reality, gays are technologically unlawful. High HIV prevalence among the Burmese ethnic groups in the Burmese HIV/AIDS epidemic has been recorded by multinational organizations.

Read our information and counseling page for the LAGBT fellowship before you travel. Myanmar is a contracting state to the CITES. This information on this page shows the most popular forms of travel and the UK Government's understandings of the current regulations.

This information is intended for travelers with a full British Citizen Pass, unless otherwise specified. It is the responsibility of the local authority in the countries or territories to which you travel to determine and enforce your immigration regulations. When you are unaware of any aspects of the immigration regulations or need further assurances, you must consult the dispatch, high committee or local county or county office to which you are traveling.

It is also advisable to consult your carrier or travel agent to ensure that your pass and other travel documentation meets their needs. Before you travel you need a visas. Please make your application to the Burmese embassy or consulate in good time before your trip. Please consult the Burmese Embassy for more information on immigration regulations.

Passports should be in force for at least 6 month from the date of arrival in Burma. Some of the limitations on leaving Burma at the same checkpoint you came in from have been lifted. Coming from Burma via Tachilek (Burma Shan State), KawThoung (Burma Tanintharyi), Myawaddy (Burma Karen State) or Htee Khee-Sunaron (Burma Dawei District), you can leave via Rangoon or Mandalay International Airport.

But if you are entering through the Muse (Burma Shan State) or Tamu (Burma Chin State) checkpoints, you must leave at the intersection from which you are entering. Latest changes to the Thai requirement may apply to travelers who wish to travel regularly at the Burma-Thailand property boundary. for more information.

To verify whether you need a YTD certification, please go to the National Travel Heath Network and the TravelHealthPro website of the center. The UK Emergency TravelDs ( "ETDs") are not applicable to Burma. Emergency services from Burma are acceptable. Consult your doctor at least 4 to 6 days before your journey to determine if you need immunization or other precaution.

Read the latest country-specific information and guidance from the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) on the Travel HealthPro website or from NHS (Scotland) on the fitforravel website. You can also find useful information and tips on health care abroad on the NHS Choices website. The information can be displayed either under "Burma" or "Myanmar".

It may not be possible to provide expert healthcare and care outside Rangoon and Mandalay and the service provided may not meet the standards of those in the UK. In Burma, it is often necessary to make a deposit in advance of your stay. Ensure that you have sufficient travel healthcare coverage and can pay for the costs of healthcare abroad and/or return.

In some areas of Burma, cases of smallpox virus have been recorded. The dengue virus is prevalent in Burma, also in the Rangoon and Mandalay area. There' s JJE in Burma. Avian influenza broke out in Burmese house fowl. Whilst the human exposure to avian flu is considered very low, you should refrain from any exposure to house, cage or wildfowl and make sure that fowl and eggs are thoroughly boiled.

Myanmar is exposed to common seismic and shock events of various degrees. Burma's clone period usually lasts from April to October. Before you travel, please review your area' s meteorological forecasts, especially in the coastline. On our page about hurricanes you will find tips on what to do when you are in a hurricane.

Any visitor who brings more than $10,000 (or equivalent) in foreigncurrency should report this to Customs on arriving or run the danger of being detained. When you are abroad and need assistance from the UK authorities, please consult the closest UK diplomatic mission, diplomatic mission or the High Commissioner. When you need help urgently because something has struck a loved one abroad, call the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) in London on 020 7008 1500 (24 hours).

Check out our international travel check list to help you schedule your travel abroad and remain secure while you are there. Travel consulting from the Federal Cartel Office will help you to make your own travel planning choices. We are committed to your security, but we cannot advise you individually. When you are worried about whether it is safer for you to travel, you should review the travel directions for the land or area you are traveling to, along with information from other resources that you have ID'd, before making your own travel or not.

You are the only one who can determine whether it is safer for you to travel. If we consider the risks to UK citizens in a particular location to be unacceptable, we will indicate on the travel instructions page for that particular land or area that we do not recommend all or any other than substantial travel.

Find out more about how the Bundeskartellamt evaluates and categorizes risks in travel consulting. If you are travelling abroad, our Übersee-Krise page will suggest a few extra things you can do to help you remain secure. You should consult your travel agent if you wish to modify or terminate a booking.

Reimbursement and cancellation is a business for you and your traveler. Tour operators decide for themselves whether they want to provide their clients with a reimbursement or not. Most of them use our travel consultants to make these choices, but we do not tell tour operators when they can or cannot give reimbursement to their clients.

You can find more information about your entitlements if you wish to withdraw from a vacation on the website of the Citizens' Office. If you have any travel insurancerelated queries, please consult your insurer and if you are not satisfied with the answer, you can consult the Financial Ombudsman Service. We no longer ask anyone to check in before the trip.

With our travel abroad check list and our international crises page, we suggest what you can do before and during a journey abroad to help you schedule your journey and remain secure. For an earlier FCO travel guide, please consult the website of the FCO. Are you a UK citizen and have a travel abroad issue that is not addressed in our travel advisory service or elsewhere on GOV.

We are not in a position to offer tailor-made consulting for certain missions.

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