Burma Travel Highlights

Myanmar Travel Highlights

With Intrepid Travel, come and discover a little Burma magic. Soak up the undiscovered paradise on Earth that Myanmar is also known as Burma. Our journey through Myanmar was one of the highlights of our journey. Individual Escapes Unlimited holiday packages to Burma at affordable prices. See the highlights of Burma (Myanmar) on your journey from Yangon (Rangoon) to Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

Burma travel guide | Unique insights

Burma is a wonderful land with stunning archaeological places, many gold-plated coupons and a captivating tradition. Locals are very supportive and like to live the same way. Discover this enigmatic land from its home base - Where is Myanmar. The Myanmar Extension Myanmar is ideal for a visit to Thailand, as most of our foreign guests travel to Bangkok.

Best of Myanmar" items will help you choose the best of Myanmar, from eating to sightseeing to souvenir items. With our "Tour Planning" products we provide you with competent consulting on how you can travel to a destination with maximum effectiveness and pleasure. There are many places of interest in Myanmar: antique remains, Buddhist culture, numerous palagodas.....

It' difficult to restrict a shortlist of Myanamr's best tourist locations to 5, but we have them: There are four best ways to get around Myanmar: by plane, ship, coach or train. Myanmar offers the visitor the possibility to experience great natural beauties, as well as a wealth of historical and cultural treasures, from stunning buddhistic architectural sites to scenic waters.

The Ngapali is one of the most popular beaches for first-time visitors to Myanmar. Burma is home to over 50 different communities, each with its own interpretations of what is truly delectable. Taste them in Myanmar's best dining places. In comparison to other neighbouring Southeast Asian states, the price-performance ratio of Myanmar's hotel industry is low.

This Myanmar trip takes you to explore the wonderful scenery: gentle hills, rural towns, innumerable churches and tranquil waters. Journey to Myanmar before large masses of spectators flood in and savour Thailand's essence. Myanmar is attracted by its lifestyle and virginity, which are largely intact.

We have a competent and experienced travelling consultant who is always willing to help you make a journey that is second to none.

Myanmar Highlights | Tailor-made Vacations

Burma has beautiful sanctuaries that cross the horizon of the country's greenery. The sacred places of Burma are just stunning in stature and splendour, from the temple-laden countries of Bagan to the glistening Yangon peacocks. Whereas Stupa are fixed sanctuaries containing the remnants of Buddhas or Buddhist friars, a pagoda is open for service.

Irrawaddy is the vital aerie that links Burma's capital towns, meandering through its beautiful landscape and reaching the Chinese-Greaterlands. In case you need to be convinced, we have put together our five most important cruising grounds in Burma. There are high hopes of making the journey of life that fits you both so well.

A 1920s villa in Yangon's embassy district, the Belmond Governor's Residence is the city's premier location and a charming boutique romantic seaside resort perfectly suited for discovering the Burmese capital's riches. Burma has opened up to the tourist industry after many years of isolating itself from the outside environment and is still, in our view, one of Asia's best-kept mysteries.

Ngapali Amazon Estate provides authentic bungalow-style accommodations on the pristine banks of Burma's Ngapali Beach, with a wide variety of amenities. Apart from the breathtaking landscape, intriguing past and astonishing civilization, Burma is all about it. A tale we can't tell enough is that of the Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp in Burma.

Bagan Lodge, a wonderful shop site with a cosy and inviting ambience, is located on the outskirts of Burma's old capitol. It' the ideal place to withdraw after a full exploration of some of Bagan's breathtaking 2000+ cougars and Stupa. Tucked between the palm trees on Ngapali Beach in Burma, Amata Beach is a unique seaside resorts providing a remote and spoiled holiday in the midst of Bengalese Gulf tropics.

The Areindmar Hotel, set amidst some of Bagan's most famous old Stupa and Pagoda, is a distinctive shop hotel that offers private and cosy accommodations while at the same time mirroring the Burmese cultural and traditional heritage. Aureum Resort & Spa is a beautiful excursion to the breathtaking Ngapali Beach. The Aureum Resort offers relaxing modern luxuries, charming services and one of the most beautiful South East Asian sands. It is ideal for relaxing after a Burma-journey.

Featuring an sleek and quaint interiors, friendly personnel and centrally located, Bagan King is a great shop lodging to explore Burma's last regal capitol Mandalay. At Imagine Asia we want every Imagine Asia flitter to be a journey of life - and as part of this experience we are offering a flitter holiday gifts page.

To us, Burma is the country of lotuses, horse-drawn carriages, teahouses and exquisite rhythms of living; Burma is a country where a traditionally way of living predominates. It is a sparkling display of gold-plated marble, the cultural scene is an exhilarating mix of Asian influence and its towns are full of spirit.

We' ve put together our favorite Burmese adventures to embark on an adventurous journey through Asia's unexplored jewel. The cruise through the water offers you a snap-shot of the countryside as you drive past fishers who drive their craft with an exceptional one-legged series. Staying a while, visiting the intricate Indein temples on their west shores or venturing into the rolling countryside to meet the countless indigenous groups at home.

While the dizzying itinerary may not be for the faint-hearted, the viaduct links the cities of Pyin Oo Lwin and Lashio and confirms them as a simple memorable way from A to B. Think of Bagan and the icons of innumerable warm mountain bombs hovering over the dispersed landscape of the zigzag.

These old sanctuaries, built between the eleventh and thirteenth century, may be the flagship of Burma and are just conspicuous on a journey to its banks. It is the holiest place for Buddhists in Burma and many followers attend the Buddhist shrine for prayers and ceremony.

The 777 stairs from the volcanic basis take you up to Popa Taung Kalat Abbey, from where you have a panorama view of the luxuriant woods of the area. It is at sundown that the most spectacular part of the island is the footbridge and while this daytime invariably attracts the masses, it is definitely a good idea to wait for the reflections and live up to its call as one of Burma's most frequently shot places.

The Pindaya cave, an important place for Burmese Buddhists, is one of the most extraordinary and singular places of interest in the state. A visit to the Pindaya cave will give you an priceless view of Buddhism in Burma and its ancient tradition. This gold-plated coupe is said to contain one of Buddha's hair, which confirms it as one of the holiest places in Burma.

From the top of the Mon State Mountain, the view is truly breathtaking. When you can summarize your journey with it, it is a wonderful show that not everyone can experience. Dive into your favorite party while taking part in the city' s cultural events.

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