Burma Travel Highlights

Myanmar Travel Highlights

Ayeyarwady River (Irrawaddy River) activities in Burma: Drive the side roads and discover Burma's history. Burma: Highlights of a Golden Land. Cause you' re going to like this journey Book your adventures in lovely Yangon, where the gold Shwedagon pagoda glistens in the setting sun, and explore the many aspects of Myanmar's mind and spirit in between - quiet sanctuaries, homemade food, heart-warming village people, basic food magic, swimming sea-lakes, and crafts. Would you like to go on this journey?

This' highlights' nine-day journey is ideal for travelers who want to get to know Myanmar in a while. When you are looking for something more perverse, think of the longer Best of Myanmar voyage or perhaps spending more of your leisure in the lovely Yangon. From Mandalay to Bagan (5 hours) and Mandalay to Inle Lake (9.5 hours) there are 2 nights by bus.

The air moisture is usually high during this period. Remember this when you plan to spend the summers. There will be an option for group dining after the encounter - a good opportunity to talk with other travelers and savour the lavish Burmese cooking based on the tastes of Mo, Hindi and Chines. When you can't book a plane that arrives on schedule for today's group meetings, you may want to get there a full working days earlier so you can be there.

An early bird's eye view of Bagan (about 1.5 hours). When you arrive this early bird's eye view, your guide will take you on a half-day bike ride through the breathtaking UNESCO site. Join a cookery course this mornings with a friend and community-oriented chef. Go to the souvenir shop and then go to the galley to prepare a breeze.

In addition to the opportunity to prepare and sample genuine homemade Myanma food, it is a good cause, with part of the profits going to a community children's lib. Savour the fruit of your labor for dinner. A great way to see Bagan is the option of flying a warm aeroplane at night.

It lasts about 2.5 hrs, with flying time averaging 45 min (can vary between 1 hr and 20 min depending on the location). Ballooning at dawn is possible on the third evening (subject to availability). Pre-registration is strongly encouraged as places are restricted.

Journey to Mandalay by bus (approx. 5 hours). Explore your free day or just relax. Take a mornings cruise on the Ayeyarwady River to Mingun (about 1 hr each way). Explore for some while and then go back to Mandalay. Later in the day you will see Mandalay Palace and Shwenandaw Cloister.

It is a full days drive by public transport to Nyaung Shwe (about 9.5 hours). Tonight you reach Nyaung Shwe, your gate to Inle Lake, a scenic and cultureally captivating area. Sit in your motel, then relax and relax, then relax for free, maybe even come and see the city has a relaxing ambience and is nice to go on foot.

Tonight you may want to go to the busy nightspot, or have a cold beverage in one of the locals pubs and talk to one of the many people who travel around the city. Mornings you will discover the luxuriant water of Lake Inle by boat. You' ll see the city' s cigars, silks and lotuses and the beautiful pools.

It is a captivating look at some of the traditional crafts of the area. Native peasants gather tares from the bottom of the water and form them as an anchor in the garden with the help of canes. Take a plane to Yangon in the mornings. You will end your journey today and you can leave at any moment.

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In Intrepid you can choose an option to fly over the Bagan (end of October to March). Single room supplement for a private room is available on this tour. Would you like a deeper look at this journey? EssenttialTripInformation provides a route description, visas, how to get to your accommodation, what is inclusive - just about everything you need to know about this quest and much more.

Myanmar highlights travel averaged 4.76 out of 5, up from 37 ratings last year.

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