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Myanmar travel guide books

Burma from DK Travel at Barnes & Noble. Myanmar (Burma) travel guide. Great place to download the book title LONELY PLANET MYANMAR BURMA. LONELY PLANET TRAVEL GUIDE BY LONELY ALLEN This is a kind of book that you. Note: We do not host pirated books or link to websites that host them.

Temples of Bagan

Bagan, the old buddhistic capitol in the centre of Myanmar (Burma), which flourished from 850-1300, is one of the greatest and most inspirational places in Southeast Asia. Extensive view of Bagan's artwork and architectural design. Giving an insight into Bagan's arts and architectures, we present the two kinds of sacred structure (temples and stupas) and the arts with which they were decorated (paintings and sculptures).

In order to bring things to life, we have packaged our test report with high-resolution pictures. An itinerary that takes you through the most important sights. In keeping with our traditions of being the most precious asset for culture-loving travellers, we are offering a in-depth route through 21 of the most important sights. We present information about their histories, a detailled map that emphasizes their main architectonic and artistical characteristics, high-resolution pictures and a debate that links everything together.

This guide provides logistics tips, tickets and access to on-line resource to help you schedule your itinerary. Like all our manuals, this guide is optimised for fast and simple browsing; the information is divided into bullets to make shooting easier; and the pictures are provided with texts explaining important functions.

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