Burma Travel Guide Books

Myanmar travel guide books

Dead-tree books are pretty outdated these days. Don't let the outdated notion of impossible travel barriers in Myanmar put you off. Myanmar's best travel guide (new!) - Myanmar Forum Who can give me the best and most up-to-date guidebook on traveling in Myanmar? Tool`s Blueprint Guidebook has great GPS charts, it is definitely a good idea to buy them just for this purpose, but you will probably have to make a journey to Bangkok to get one.

When you need the latest LP manual, the least expensive place to get your hand on it is Amazon.

Attempt trailfinds.com for air fares, they seem to come up with some very good deals occasionally, tell them when you want to trip & they will keep you up to date on all of your trips within your account. When do you come? Early this year & dear em or hat em, BA came out as one of the lowest cost airlines from the UK or the UK with a 3-hour stop-over to Emirates or Qatar.

Tools4fools it is definitely a good idea to buy, because there are more GH listed - good brief instructions on what to see and how to use it. There is no need to tell yourself, Kirsten, the accounts that are really hard to put in! A solo venture he has taken on many travels around the land, it is an outstanding, impartial guidebook that addresses the traveler independently and also contains some very well taken photos.

I have this in my pocket and not on the LP because it does what it's supposed to do as a travel agent, it gives you some information about the external placement & then as a traveler you have to do the footwork & choose for yourself, I've seen so many folks whose heads are in an LP agent, I'm sure they almost forgot what it is to make their own pick.

Aunty Mable' s Inn in Bagan doesn't really want to know that she has sticky flower wallpapers & that her beans quark & pudding cake is stoodgy & taste of old steamed traveler stockings, as a traveler I think I want to find out these things for myself & deciding whether I like it or not......after all the LP is usually made by a single traveler who gives his own interpretation & taste, they are certainly not mine!

Hello, I was in Burma for 4 week in January 2010. The latest LP guide from 2009 (bought in Thailand for about $5) was very useful. My trip to Burma was one of the best I have ever had. Best of luck, sure, LPs can be very useful, I only find sometimes the information they appear in the little exaggerated & superfluous ones, it can sometimes take that item away of surprising when you visit a new state.

Though I found that the new issue is some of the past with some mistakes in which areas had probably not been attended & the information is obsolete, but things are changing & no one is perfect as long as you dont discuss it like a scripture it is a good leader. The 2005 issue can be found free of charge on Google Books.

While the 2005 Myanmar Insights Guidebook is another good travel guidebook, it does not recommend accommodation, meals, buses and trains, but contains some lovely photos and some interesting articles about the sights. If you tell a liar, the Inspector has a list on the back of the volume with a small section on accommodation and dining, but it is very min.

While Thai, with connections in Bangkok, the lowest priced airlines LHR/BKK comes out as Eva Air, you have to make a reservation for a trip to Yangon from there. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

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