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Myanmar Lonely Planet (Burma) (travel guide) - Myanmar Lonely Planet. ) and called on the parent company BBC Worldwide to withdraw the Burma Advisor. Discover book covers, travel books and more! Accueil - Books - Travel + Languages - Travel Guide; Lonely Planet Myanmar (Burma).

The Eyewitness travel guide by Dymocks online BookStore.

Burma - ISBN:9622178324

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A secluded and secluded place, untouched by massive tourists, Burma is for the adventure -loving traveller, not the ordinary visitor. Journey across the great Ayeyawady River to Kipling's Mandalay, the last of Burma's capital cities, discover the tropical Inle Lake and of course encounter the diverse peoples of this region, from the mountain trunks of the north to the lovely Myanmaris.

It is a fountain of constancy and expectation in a land at loggerheads with itself. While the Myanmar people are emerging from the realm of seclusion, they find themselves between oppression and reforms, between darkness and day. An intelligent reminder of the magical secrets of Asia's once wealthiest people.

The BBC NEWS UK Planet's Burma Leader Uneethical.

Unions' confederation says that travelling to Burma is not ethical and supports it. The BBC said in a commentary that the guidebook - one of 288 from Lonely Planet - "provides information and lets the reader make his own decisions". "Lonely Planet Burma tourist guides should be pulled back immediately."

"It is Lonely Planet's belief that its choice to release a travel guidebook on Burma does not in itself provide endorsement of the present Burmese government. The BBC Worldwide says that "it has examined this stance thoroughly and has no intention of withdrawing the guide". "They provide information and let the reader choose for himself."

In-Sight Guides is the other major publishing house with a travel guide about Burma. "There are some modes, however, that are so depressing that it felt bad to go there. "In fact, so much of Burma's touristic infrastructures are connected with the Burmese army rulers that we believe that travel cannot help the Burmese people, albeit in part.

The Lonely Planet has also published a travelling consultation after the Buddhist monks' protest was quashed. She calls on travelers to "exercise utmost caution".

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