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Be inspired by Myanmar and learn everything you need to know to travel this Southeast Asian nation like a pro. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Myanmar (Burma) Travel Guide. Myanmar's ultimate travel guide! Discover Myanmar and the Golden Land with these helpful travel tips. A Myanmar travel guide with information on what to do, what to see and lots of useful advice on what to do or not to do once you travel to Burma.

Sightseeing Burma - guidebook

Journey where in Myanmar? When this is your first vacation in Myanmar, you will probably want to go to the "Big Five" of the state. Lake Inle's extensive water area is home to unparalleled fishing and swimming communities, while the Bagan plain is littered with thousand of antique shrines and peaks.

Cruising along the powerful Ayeyarwady River is a cozy way to get between Bagan and Mandalay, the countrys culture capitol and home of the famed U-leg bridge. Take your free moment to think about your trip on the unspoilt shores of Ngapali in the North. If you have more free or want to walk off the beaten track, the verdant hills of Hsipaw's North Shan state are home to tribal peoples and provide a trek to try all skills.

Myanmar can be like a journey back in history, a one-of-a-kind adventure in an ever more modernized area. Myanmar is a friendly and, of course, friendly and inquisitive country and likes to take the opportunity to practise their English. Breathtaking scenery, from the tranquil waters of Lake Inle to the sparse plain of the Bagan Sanctuary and the wooded hills of Shan State in the northern hemisphere.

Myanmar travel tips: Accommodation and Transport

The guidebook is part of a set of country-specific Southeast Asian accommodation and transport related resource. Burma, formally Myanmar, is an up-and-coming tourist resort in Southeast Asia. 2015 general election voted for the opposing faction and established the first non-military administration since Burma's declaration of freedom in 1962. This is a great season to come to Burma as the door is just reopening to the outside worlds and travelling is becoming simpler as the facilities improve.

Burma is not "easy" as Thailand and Malaysia are, and the impact of half a centuries of fighting will be felt in every facet of it. Maybe the main concern of travellers travelling to Burma is the financial crisis. However, it is not as straightforward as with your ATM cards and data protection visas as in other places in Southeast Asia.

If you want a thorough and up-to-date (2016) discussion of the subject, please see Dustin Main's paper on money management in Myanmar (Burma). Flights in Burma are available between the major towns, but not the cheapest one. In contrast to some other South East Asia destinations (such as Thailand), where there are many low-cost ways to fly around the nation, the choice in Burma is more restricted.

Giulia, Tortuga's production assistant, recently travelled to Burma and she had this to say about the fares in the country: For more information on local carriers and how to get around Burma, World Adventurer has made a full contribution with an carrier by carrier; released in 2013 it is a little outdated, but a great review to help you get into it.

Myanmar Airfares is a convenient website for finding and reserving airfares within Burma. Otherwise, making a reservation through your local hotels or your domestic tour service will still be one of the better ways to organise your flight. After all, here is a complete listing of all carriers that fly to and within Burma.

Travelling by railway in Burma can be an adventurous experience. To Myanmar: Offers a useful summary of the essential information on how and where to buy railway passes, the most favourite trails for non-nationals and provides a link to the on-line purchasing option where to buy them. It was a ride on a railroad to remember: Myitkyina Mandalay: Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads will tell the tale of her memorable 2011 railway tour in Burma.

Trains vs. buses: Walking Wanderluster explodes the reality of rail traffic in Burma and why every traveller should make at least one long rail ride in the state. TRANSPORT EDUCATION transport education - The Overnight Railway from Bagan to Yangon: It is a serious "truth in advertising" Turnip Speed Traveller's mail with pictures of sleeping car accommodation, the bathroom conditions and a blow-by-blow explanation of their itinerary.

I include this in compensation for the "pro-train" advice, because rail trips in Burma are not for everyone and if unease is not your thing, a plane might be good value for your bucks. A map of rail itineraries and information on rail journeys in Burma from the most reliable rail website in the world.

Giulia, who deliberately gathered information for us in Burma, said this about land trips and buses: Your own experiences, in September 2016, with coach trips in Burma were as follows: There are many trails linking the most important sights in Myanmar, we have taken it from Yangon to Bagan, from Bagan to Inle and from Inle to Yangon.

It' a good business, and transporting you to Burma over night can help you optimise your schedule. "Myanmar coach tickets: To Myanmar: Provides a good overview of what you can get from coaches in Burma and contains photographs. Hops on Hops off independant coach tours for most South East Asia destinations, Burma included.

Enter "Burma" in the text field at the top of the page to get some interesting features. Myanmar is full of choices. You will want to do your home work in advanced and you will also want to have a lot of local agility if you are planning a boating trip while you are in Burma.

To Myanmar: Again, this site is a great asset for the fundamentals of shipping, quick vs. sluggish, cost, ticket eting, and what to be expected. Burma River Cruises: "You have a wide range of possibilities from one-day cruise trips to luxurious cruise ships. Myanmar tourist guide: It is an outdated website, but it contains some great information about the kinds of vessels you can sail on, from freighters to ferryboats and everything in between.

Myanmar Boating: Specialized in luxurious, ten- or fortnightly cruise on the Burmese water. Real Myanmar is estimating the cost between $85 and $110 US dollars per night and suggests that the combination of rental vehicles and air travel can reduce it. Myanmar, the real Myanmar: Burma Myanmar rental car: In contrast to motorcycles, motorcycles can be hired for self-drive in Burma, but you are not permitted to ride everywhere and the restricted areas of the land can be changed.

There are also opportunities for exploring and offering great adventure for those who are not fearless enough to go alone in a developed world. This is what Giulia had to say about motorcycle rental in Burma: An expatriate runs this firm, which can offer both self-drive and accompanied trips, and can advise you where to go alone.

Burma Bicycle Rental: Mandalay is another Mandalay expatriate driven alternative, with everything from 125 cc to 400 cc cruisers and accommodating all types of travellers. We provide guides and travel independently. Guaranteed routes contain the maintenance of the bicycles on a day-to-day basis. You can house groups and provide a variety of excursions, as well as flight and booking services.

Urban traffic in this part of the globe is very varied. Motorbikes race around in great numbers, and it is possible to jump on the back of a souvenir motorbike to take a trip through the town. In many areas, pick-up truck with integrated backrests function as commuter coaches.

Costs for public transportation generally depend on the ability of the passenger. Luxurious resort is an up and coming Burmese business. The fact that the state has been "closed" for so many years means that there is less tourism and less tourism here than in the other South East-Asian countries. However, the growing interest of travellers in recent years has sparked a booming tourism industry and more and more luxurious alternatives are opening up, many of them in lavish color.

It is a meeting point for general hotel groups. The Novotel has a long listing of properties throughout Southeast Asia that are suitable for most budget categories. There are two of them in Burma. It is a site for searching for luxurious properties wherever you are. You have three lists for Burma; one of them is the residence of the Governor of Belmond mentioned above.

Under $150 it is very simple to find accommodation in Burma. Giulia's expertise in making cheap Burmese accommodation bookings was as follows: Savings in a Burmese hotel: Before arriving, please consult your nearest tourism office to find the best accommodation - some of them may not be available on line.

Except you travel in a favorite area during the tourism period, there will be something available. Keep away from west side properties. So what do you really need from a property? You' re saving your living by foregoing nice food and a swimmingpool. Look for offers for hotels on the following pages:

Travelling fish: Useful to find all kinds of information about travelling in Burma, this is one of the most useful web pages that you can find in the SEA. You can use it to find your way to your destination, whether it be to your destination, restaurant, tour or city. Cruising speed: My own favourite, no mater where I go. In Thailand alone, Traveocity offers over 200 properties and is one of the few tour operators to offer accommodation in Burma and Brunei.

Any small establishment with less than 100 rooms is a shop-and-restaurant. According to this notion you will find a "boutique" property in almost every city in Burma. For me on a personal level, a fashion store must have a certain amount of elegance and distinctiveness before it deserves its name.

South East Asia spawning your medium budget resort by the thousand, but to find a truly original small resort here can be a dare. In Bumra, unlike most other places in the rest of the globe, Bumra is usually much more expensive than an ordinary overnight stop, some even at the limit at absolute luxurious rip-off.

When you find the lodging of your dream, it can be rewarding. But after a little dig I found some great boutiques that don't ruin the bench. Merchant-Merchant Style Bourbon Hôtel, Yangon: Merchant is a unique arts and crafts store that claims to be the only one in Yangon.

It and its philosophy are designed to blend into the surrounding nature and reduce the hotel's environmental footprint. Staying in Burma for more than a few months may be the right way to go. It is not only that holiday rents are much more convenient and personal, they can also help you saving long-term rent.

Holiday rental is my first option, almost everywhere I go. Holiday rental offers a very unique, everlasting travelling adventure and is relatively simple to find. Simply show up, stay a few days in a motel where you want to stay more and crush the sidewalk. Handles 3 real estate in Burma.

Featuring tens of thousand of properties in over 150 lands around the globe, it is a must for those looking for accommodation. More than 300 offers in Burma, an average of $39 US dollars per city. PRBo: There is only one entry in Burma, but all houses must be inspected so you know you are getting a value. Campsite in Burma is both hazardous and illicit.

However, there are some camp site operators who are entitled to lead camp site groups within the state. Trekking in Myanmar: Burma's tourist infrastructures are still in the making, which means you won't find the great variety of one-of-a-kind opportunities that you will find in the other Southeast Asian states.

When in Burma and in a special place, please include a comment in the commentary and let us know so we can include it in the itinerary. In Burma, shelters are appearing. South East Asia Backpacker: If you host SEA, this page is like your gold guide.

Featuring information on the best (and worst) guesthouses and everything you need to know to pack SEA, Burma included, this site is a must. Simply reserve rooms in hotels and guesthouses. Traveling in Burma can be challenging, but it's worth it. As it has only recently opened its door to the rest of the globe, the infra-structure is not as good as in other South East Asia but the compromise is fewer travellers.

It' s hard to prevent being drawn into an unforeseen experience here, whether you're travelling by coach or tuk-tuk. If you' re in Burma: Receive our monthly ratings, trip hacks and pack hints directly in your mail.

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