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Discover Burma, a land of ancient temple ruins, an amazing culture and golden beaches on the ultimate luxury adventure tailor-made vacation. A Myanmar travel agency to meet your complex travel needs in Myanmar at short notice. Cross the bustling village of Ywama while taking a private longtail boat to Indein. Myanmar's fascinating goal is to offer definitive and tailor-made experiences that are tailored to the interests of travelers. Our aim is to promote sustainable tourism and above all to support private companies.

Tailor-made Myanmar Adventures

Return to Burma on a journey and be greeted with a warm welcome from the natives. Burma (Myanmar) is one of the best travel destination in Southeast Asia with old sanctuaries, colorful marketplaces and breathtaking countryside for an exciting, tailor-made vacation. Located at the intersection of two of Asia's largest civilizations, India and China, Burma's travel experience is unrivalled.

Burma, or Myanmar, extends from the jewel-shaped Andaman Sea archipelago to the Himalayas mountains on the Indian side of the world. In our view, it is one of the best tourist resorts in Asia. While Burma is not always the simplest country in South East Asia in infrastructures and accessibility, travelers who take the trouble are greatly honoured by the breathtaking scenery, old cultures and people.

Cruise a leisurely row up the Irrawaddy to Mandalay, unwind at a foggy Inle Lake chalet or take a hot-air flight and see the exceptional Bagan temple from a bird's viewpoint. Burma's cultural diversity is as varied as its scenery, and there are innumerable stunning landmarks and antique towns to be discovered by those who visit this intriguing and genuine nook.

Take this classical route into the magic of Burma. Meet the Shan around Inle Lake, drive down the Irrawaddy River from Mandalay, explore the magnificent temple-lined plain of Bagan before you relax on the Ngapali sands. It is the ideal way to get to know Burma, with the most important attractions that keep our visitors spellbound.

Combination of Yangon Colony, the Bagan Temple and Pagoda, the Inle Lake cultural area and the beautiful Ngapali beachs. That' really Burma in BS. The trip on the powerful Irrawaddy River from Mandalay to Bagan is very fascinating and certainly not disappointing. Climb the'Road to Mandalay' and combining this with the possibility of exploring Inle Lake and ending at the water.

This may be a worthwhile path for those who want to make every effort in Burma. Explore extraordinary adventures off the well-trodden paths and mix them with classical attractions such as Bagan and Inle Lake. Bring the whole Burmese community on a truly dramatic journey through Burma. Hike through isolated towns to see indigenous mountain dwellers, feeding the elephant, cycling through Bagan, meeting Buddhist monks, gathering charity, taking a personal Irrawaddy tour and ending on the sands.

Enjoy the highpoints of Burma with its wealth of cultural life, breathtaking landscapes and intriguing historic sights. Enjoy Burma's manifold and diversified attractions before you fly to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand and end up on the water. Leave the well-trodden paths on this trip and discover the secret side of Burma.

Get away from it all and walk to the far-flung towns to see the amazing tribal and cultural heritage that makes Burma an unforgettable place to visit. Combination of the amazing Asian climaxes from the Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia, the dozy Luang Prabang in Laos, the adventures of Chiang Mai in Thailand, before jumping to Burma and enjoying the Irrawaddy River and Bagan charm.

Sanctuary Ananda is probably the most luxury of all the boats that sail down the powerful Irrawaddy River. Explore the couples and stupas of Bagan, the magic town of Mandalay and end up on the shores of Inle Lake.

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