Burma Travel Book

Myanmar travel book

Don't Make a Sign on the Boat, stories from Burma. The collection shows books and stories about different cities and places in South Asia. So if you plan to visit us soon and are a fan of books, we have a list of recommended travel books about Myanmar, formerly Burma. It' hard to say how far you should book your trip. However, it would be best if you could book the trip as soon as your international flights are ready.

Travelling binders for the go

Lonely Planet has always been at our side during innumerable journeys in Asia, whether as an e-book or as a sound work. They will help you with your planning and are especially useful as fast reference works for your immediate queries on the go. We like the fact that Lonely Planet is a very complete set of itineraries.

You will find that even if you go far beyond the well-trodden paths, Lonely Planet has been there and provides guidebooks for accommodations, dining, activities and useful information such as how to get there. For more useful information about travelling, please visit our itineraries.

Myanmar (Burma) travel guide in the App Store

SHOULD have APP while travelling in Myanmar / Burma! Since in Myanmar there is almost no such thing as the..... Discover this wonderful and rapidly evolving land! We' ve travelled through Burma and we know exactly how important it is to have accurate information in a land without it!

The application has content: - Accommodation, restaurant, sights, travelling and more:: Please note: All contents are in German only! Our information and photographs from travels, open contents from well-known resources such as Wikipedia, Wikitravel and Openstreetmap are used. Are you looking for recommendations for 5* hotel or restaurant, you will not find them here.

Encouraging travellers to try new, small, familiar places or places that are not listed in any guidebook. Contribute to the spreading of the riches in this impoverished state! It' little more than the contents that' s been download from other websites and a mapping feature that is less sophisticated than an 8-bit Nintendo world.

There are few other Myanmar tour guides available. Don't squander your time unless you want a minimal amount of information about places to eat and stay and a listing of places of interest that every tourist guides will have. When you store your widgets to view them offline, you essentially have the same information as in this application, or more.

Vendor AIRapps, s. r. o. needs 7.1 or higher installed on his computer. With the help of this application up to six members of the whole familiy can use it.

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