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Myanmar by boat: a cruise leader | Burma Travel Guide

Ayeyarwady and Chindwin Rivers run through the heartland of Burma and have long been important in trading with neighbouring states. A Burmese tour connecting a number of important villages and villages such as Yangon, Mandalay and the Bagan Temple allows you to decelerate your speed and explore intriguing historic places and small municipalities that are not accessible by car.

The Ayeyarwady River tour begins in the former capitol Mandalay and ends at the Bagan Temple. In the four antique towns around Mandalay, large tea kloisters of luxuriant greenery are located. You' ll be visiting some of the smaller towns, such as Mingun, which you couldn't get to by street.

You will also see the village people practicing handicraft and agricultural method. There are three overnight trips from Mandalay to Bagan, while a return trip takes four days and all your meals and tours are including. Conventional boat trips aboard one of the RV Paukan and RV Pandaw offer a convenient way to cruise Burma's canals.

Onboard conversations take the shape of teaching conversations about the ship itself, shipping and community outreach. To do something more sumptuous, I would suggest either Sanctuary Ananda or Belmond Road to Mandalay. Ananda Sanctuary was designed in the look of a Burma old tradition cruiser with a fitness room, whirlpool and swimming pools.

Each room has its own terrace - the only ship on this tour to do so - and is en suites. The sanctuary is so popular that this trip is booked very quickly and I would recommend you book at least nine month in advance. 2. Belmond Road to Mandalay is a bigger and bigger paddleboat in Europe that always gets great feedbacks from our customers.

There is also a physician on the ship who offers free consultation and medicines for the area. In order to stay a little longer on the sea, you have the possibility to drive from Yangon to Bagan or Mandalay. Yangon, the enchanting settlement, Mandalay and the Bagan Temple are part of most trips to Burma, but if you navigate between them by ferry, you can also discover a number of places along the way that are not accessible by street, such as the potter community of Yandabo, where you can see the production of old earthenware potters.

Part of the famous Bigmond Portfolios, the Bigmond Orcaella is a typical Myanmar cruise ship with bars, spas, pools and fitness room. To the north of Mandalay, the secluded areas of the Ayeyarwady are encircled by high peaks and cut through dramatic canyons. This is the only way that ships can reach this insulated heartland of Burma.

A vibrant harbour on the shores of Ayeyarwady, Katha offers a breathtaking nostalgia for the countryside and was the scene of George Orwell's Burmese Days. Some of the historic monuments and remains in Orwell' s textbook are still there and you can enjoy a nice afternoons to find them.

For this part of the Ayeyarwady there are a number of cruising possibilities from seven to ten overnight stays. About 800 archipelagos form the Myeik Archipelago in southern Burma. Overlooked by the Myeik government, most of Myeik is unpopulated. There are four cabins available to rent the island for three, five and six overnight barbeques on the beaches, excursions through the mangrove, snorkelling and diving in these hot water.

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