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The Myanmar travel blog will provide you with important information before your trip. B&R Trip Designer named by Condé Nast Traveler as top travel specialist. Myanmar is different, as Rudyard Kipling observed back in his day, although it wasn't always so restless. Yes, tons of information under the Myanmar Forum, but not many new mentions here in Solo Travel. Myanmar blog - travel photo of the week:

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This south-east Asiatic nation with its old shrines has been relatively unaffected by the powerful and colorful buddhistic civilization of the world. Now, the countryside is gradually opening up to the tourist industry, giving you the opportunity to discover this less traveled countryside and its unparalleled cultur. This 2-week trip to Myanmar may be useful if you are looking for a complete tour book.

Handlebar jerks from right to right and right to lefthand, it flies over an approaching car and then over another one. You' ll find information about 45 country from my trips, but from these you will find a thick spot on Scandinavia and the Arctic - it may be cool up there, but oh boy...... it's nice-!

Myanmar Tourism Budget (2017)

Next in line to pursue my Asia trip budget cycle is Myanmar! When it comes to budget, Myanmar can be a wildcat. Though you can research and read blogs post like that, currently you' re lecturing about what to expects, you can never be too sure when it comes to this land.

The price is always shifting, as is information about Myanmar as a whole. I' ve written an article about 12 things to know before going to Myanmar and it's a good guide for your 2017 and later trips. Unlike most older Myanmar items, there are many ATM machines around the nation, and you don't necessarily have to spend all your cash before you do.

If you are from America, you may have some problems because many US commercial institutions still have an embargo on Myanmar. I' ve been told over and over again that I should be paid in US dollar for larger things like housing and transportation. That was never the case throughout my entire Myanmar period in 2017.

Nevertheless, I still advise travellers to bring a few US bucks, it is a good back-up money for emergency situations. Lodging is the most costly element you will come across, with a budgeted range from $14 (for a dormitory) to $20-$30 for a twin room in a guest house. When you travel with another individual, it is usually less costly to share a twin room because the dormitories are so high.

With these few upgrades behind us, let's start our Myanmar journey budgets in 2017. From Myanmar I went to Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Pyin oo Lwin, Kalaw, Inle Lake and Hpa-an. Also, please be aware that this is the price for one in Myanmar. Though I was travelling all the time with another individual, the price was lower than if I was travelling alone.

Myanmar's local exchange is Myanmaryat, and the exchange rates (2017) are around $1 US = 1377k yat. ¿Yangon (6 nights) = Free with payment by creditcard. A half-bedroom ("shared bathroom") at Hninn Si Budget Inn & Hotel Bond. Would have been $11/night ($44 total) and $12. 50/night ($25 total) or without points.

Bbagan (5 nights) = $12. 50/night ($62. 50 in total). A half-bedroom in the New Wave II Guesthouse. andalay ( (3 nights) = Free with payment by creditcard. A half-bedroom in the Hotel Victory Point. Would have been $12. 50/night ($37. 50 in total) without points.

Pyo oo Lwin (3 nights) = $10/night ($30 in total). A half-bedroom in the Tha Ha Zar Ta Hotel. Calaw (2 nights) = $12. 15/night ($24. 30 in total). A half-bedroom at the Golden Calaw Inn. However, once you get used to the remainder of Southeast Asia, these rates can quickly accumulate.

The most beautiful aspect of Myanmar lodging is that it includes almost every aspect of it. And Yangon had by far some of the poorest accommodations in how filthy the two places I lived in were. The Hotel Bond was a bit more beautiful and had a top floor terrace where you could enjoy the view over the bustle of Yangon.

The Bond also had much better WiFi than Hninn Si Budge Inn, where WiFi was virtually non-existent. Some of the best places I slept were the Victory Point in Mandalay and the Song of Travel Hostel in Inle Lake. The Victory Point was chic for a cheap establishment. The Song of Travel was a really neat place and they had everything you could wish for as a traveller.

That shortened my Kalaw trip, but I made it there on New Year's Eve and was celebrating with the owners of my guesthouse and other travellers on the attic. My most cool lodging was last evening in the countryside, when I was able to spend the next five thousand kyats in the convent on the Hpa-an hills.

I hiked in the blazing Myanmar sun set to the summit and somehow got my own dust ing room in the convent. There were pups and apes, nice vistas and a few other kind travellers. I' ve also had three overnight busses, which were a bit tricky but spared me some cash for shelter.

In general I took overnight busses if it was the only possible choice (e.g. Yangon - Bagan, Pyin oo Lwin to Kalaw and Inle Lake - Yangon). This will be listed under the MISC categories of this item instead of accommodations. I had seven cabs, five busses (three of them overnight ), a bus, a bus, a scooter hire service, an e-bike hire service, a few cruises and a horse-drawn stage.

Burma is easily reached by coach. They are infamous for their breakdown and are regarded as even more hazardous than the busses (and when you talk about busses at midnight, that says something). I only took the 3 hours round the suburbs of Yangon, which was an interesting adventure I would suggest.

Coaches were different on every trip than most coaches in Asia, and unfortunately only one or two had a bath room on the boat. I' ve hired an e-bike to explore Bagan, because it's the simplest means of transportation for visitors who want to see many monasteries. In Nyaung-U, Old Bagan and New Bagan the churches and palagodas are distributed and need some space to get there.

When I first got to Bagan, I took a horse-drawn coach after a night coach in the early hay. Stock taxes are a big deal in Myanmar when busses don't go everywhere. They can simply make a reservation through your lodging and they will find someone to fill it for you.

A further point is that Myanmar cabs do not use counters and this is common. Simply make sure you have agreed on a prize in advance and you will be well. Beside the accomodation the transport was my most expencive expense during this journey. Though I was not a big admirer of Myanmar cuisine, there is no doubt about how inexpensive it was.

In the more touristic areas, such as Bagan, the articles were also more expensively, so that even the price of groceries rose by one or two dollars. The fact that breakfast is in every room helped the household budgets. It was a costly pleasure, considering that I drank less than five coffee during my 29 day stay in Myanmar.

The most of these costs came from expensive hotels cafés that had good WiFi when I had the poorest WiFi in my hotels and had to do work. Indeed, Yangon had the poorest WiFi in Myanmar, and I payed the fee to get into proper connection. An extravagant cup of hot chocolate would usually be $5.

Burma has such good quality and is free in most restaurants. Like when I was making a cup of espresso I' ve broken down the juice and smoothie in Myanmar. Much of this had to do with the fact that I was ill half the while I was there, but Myanmar does not have much drinking-manship.

I' ve never found the cheapest place to buy bottled up than Myanmar. 1,000ML would be enough from $0. 20 to $0. 35 each and good thing too with how ill I was for much of the aging. All in all I spend about 19 dollars a full workingday or 538 dollars for 29 nights in Myanmar.

You know, I was there to see how cheap Myanmar really was. It' important to remember that, similar to Taiwan, I was able to book some overnight stays from right to aleft. The rest of my expenses were much higher in Myanmar. If you travel the land, there are some unhappy concealed expenses, like the "fees" you have to cover when you enter tourist areas like Inle Lake and Bagan.

My most burdensome expense was the fraud I came across in Yangon. It' was one of those things where it doesn't matter how much cheating it is until you get back to your room, and you're like...... right, that was cheating.

If in Yangon you see a fellow in a garden who tells you that he wants to guide you through his town on the other side of the stream, then it's probably a fraff. For those who say they can't go because it's too much money, this mail is for you!

And even with the fare, a stay in Myanmar would probably be less than what you pay for a stay at home. I' ve used $862 less for the same period that everything was inclusive (e.g. meals, extra, coffee, transport, etc.). Are you interested in a visit to Myanmar? Receive initial information on trip upgrades, hints and offers.

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