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It has quickly become a popular destination, but it still retains its authentic flair and curious local culture. Reads your blog and matches it to your updates. Getting Started Learn How to Travel More Our Photo Equipment! Visit the STA Travel Blog! Sinapore-couple travel blog about exploring the less beaten tracks of the world.

Burma travel blog - our trip to Burma part 1

I melt my hart to him, a smiling sloshes over my face and draws the dawn of our first night in Yangon in brilliant colours. That is our 16 day Myanmar travel blog. This man is a cabbie, the maximum skirt is a long-gyi, the typical Myanmar men's outfit.

It was offered for a trip from the Aiport to the hotels and like many other deals that followed, it was softly and with a grin. There' s no need to worry about the rider making a diversion or falsifying the counter readings, as in other SEA states.

Arriving in Burma on a plane from Bangkok after a trip from Surat Thani and a boat from Ko Phangan (Thailand). Really we haven't been eating all the time ( "How can it still be happening to us after 11 months travel?"). He shyly smiles just opening our passion for Burma (or Myanmar).

Rangoon (formerly known as Rangoon) overpowered us. It is a town with a heaven full of birdlife, amazing ly tasty meals at every road nook, in restaurants and markets. Just four wheels on the roads of Yangon. Yangon has almost no tourist. There was no way I could spew it out without offending the hawker, who was rolling a page for me with all this kindness and many good aims.

The first night, about twenty paces from the motel, we spotted a beautiful Shan Yoe Yar resturant and savored his unique, astonishing Shan soup (Shaan is one of the many states that are part of the vast Myanmar) and other delicious meals, but the high point was the hawk.

However, accommodation in Burma is not very inexpensive, but low grocery costs are offset. Myanmar cuisine. The first thing you see in Burma is that they are looking for eye to eye contacts to make a smie. Burma is said to be a tricky place to travel, it is tricky to get money (ATMs), the passages are tough and tedious and the terms of inns are not the best.... Part of it is truest, but it is not the most part.

If the Natives are freezing on the coach and one of the travelers gets a longgyi and gets her covered and then gets a jumper to Little One and watch her all the way with a nice little laugh, who gives a shit that the coach is awful. If the flight attendant on the coach is lighting me with a torch so I can find the bathroom, who gives a shit that the restrooms in Burma are the hardest we've hit all year.

But when a native leader in one of the Yangon couples offered us a $5 visit and we respectfully refused, because we are still travelling on budgets, and then a few moments later he noticed that the Natives are a little missing in search of the bathroom, he decided to take them there and even paid the small entrance-fare.

Arriving in Yangon on an Air Asia plane from Bangkok ($50 per ticket). Transport in Yangon is almost always on four-wheelers, but here and there you can see "taxi bikes". One of Yangon's must is the Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the most stunning and spectacular pagodas in SEA with an exquisite cupola of barrels of gold.

There are many eateries, a bustling fair and delicious road cuisine. In Yangon we spent the nights in a middle-class motel named MGM for 40$ per overnight stay inclusive a not very delicious breakfest.

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