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We are also the contact for the BBC, National Geographic and others. Asian Central Link Travels Company (Myanmar / Burma) Reliable tour operator & travel agencies. If you are not interested in a simple visit, you can use the services of one of the following recommended travel agencies. These questions and answers cover the most important facts about travelling in Myanmar. All we booked with a travel agency was the flight from Yangon to Bagan.

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Burma (formerly Burma) is the biggest nation in Southeast Asia with a surface area of 676,577 sqkm. From north to south it extends over 2,200 kilometres and from east to west over 925 kilometres at the broadest points. Burma is a haven to be discovered, a haven for demanding travelers to rediscover and enjoy the mystic charm of the East in all its variety - abundant archeological places, a cornucopia of culture, sparkling peaks, colourful festivities, an impressive variety of nature beauties - scenic idyll, luxuriant fruitful plain, magnificent snow-capped peaks and unspoilt shores flushed with crystal-clear waters.

Burma - a colourful mosaic of over 135 ethnical groups, each with its own legacy, an adorable and welcoming population. This is a country with a golden smile. Myanmar's inhabitants are very welcoming and outstanding hospitality; you will find a very welcome visitor in every house in Myanmar.

If you want to make a new journey, meet the country's citizens and make friends, Myanmar is your goal. Myanmar's main town and gate is the Garden of the East with luxuriant exotic plants, shrubs, trees and magnificent ponds. The old houses in old country houses and folk in folk costume can still be seen in the town today and this is one of the most extraordinary and stunning scenery in the game.

The Mandalay was the last kingdom of the Myanmar dynasty before it was taken over by the British. Situated about 700 km northern of Yangon, the second biggest town is on the eastern shore of the Ayeyarwaddy River. Situated on the eastern shore of the Ayeyarwady River, about 300 km southwards of Mandalay, Bagan is one of the three most renowned buddhistic archeological places in the whole wide range, the Angkor Wat of Cambodia and Borobudur of Indonesia, very well known for its spectacular views of 2000 palagodas and monasteries at sundown.

Bagan dynasty ran from the eleventh to the thirteenth c.. The Inle Lake lies 2880 ft above sealevel on the Shan Plateau. Inner-tharr, Pa-o, Shan and Myanmar have been scattered on this huge river for hundreds of years. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar and is situated on the Rakhine coastline.

You can reach Ngapali Airport on a 45-minute plane ride from Yangon. It' an unspoilt 3km long sandy area, with clear skies, clear waters, pure sandy beaches and rolling palms. Myitkyinna, the capitol of the Kachin state in the north of Myanmar, is not only well deserved a stop for the picturesque confluence of the Maikha and Malikha River, which form the Ayeyarwaddy River, but also for the way of living of the various ethnical groups, about 14 groups, which can be seen in the surrounding towns with their colorful costume.

In the vicinity there are Palaung towns and mountain people like Danu in their colorful suits.

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