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Booking your Myanmar Burma trip with our travel agency in Myanmar. Myanmar-based travel agency with extensive tourist knowledge and experience. Welcome to Wanderlust Travel and Tour. The Myanmar Hotel and Tourism as a fully authorized tour operator and travel agency. Myanmar Delight Travel & Tour.

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We' re going to Myanmar this November. and Nice Asia Travels & Tours. It' new to me for this travel agent. I was enjoying the service both for work and free time for 2 time. After 10 overnight stays in Myanmar, we went back to the UK on 1 December.

One in Yangon, 3 Kyaing Tone, 3 Inle Sea, 1 Mt Popa & 2 in Bagan. My highlights were the times with the Hill Tribes around Kyaing Tone and our times at Inle lake. I' ve organized the journey with Tamarind Travel, the owners Cho Cho Cho Cho is living in Yangon and she and her crew have done a first rate work.

I' ve just traveled to Myanmar and used Myanmar Voyages.

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I am new to this forums and have been reading many, many postings as I tried to schedule my journey to Myanmar this autumn. As I' m stuffing things into a 5-day journey, I want to clarify the reservations in anticipation, if possible and after what I've been reading, making a reservation through a real estate broker is the right way to go.

Thank you in advanced! He' got a good roster of Yangon based agents. If you have not already done so, I can suggest you have a top issues on the right, especially those about the use of agents. hopefully this will help to back up with all other issues.

I' ve been posting on an older piece of yours, so I'm not sure you'll see it. I' d like the tour agent lists for Myanmar. I just got a hit on your name and got a full listing of all your contributions. Hello, Silver Swimmer, I'd adore the Myanmar agents as well.

Plan a journey in early Augusts and have to sort the flight around Myanmar. Thank you very much, I would also be very happy about this listing of your SS. All other contributions - Please see #2 first! We may also delete postings that do not comply with our policies, and we retain the right to delete any posted contribution for any cause.

My dear S. Swimmer, please forward me the full name.

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