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I' m always amazed when I read these travel warnings about "potentially dangerous areas" in Myanmar. Therefore, our visit to Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) will continue as planned. A diplomat leaves the advisory board and says he is a cheerleading squad for the Myanmar government.

Myanmar travel tips. Myanmar travel tips from travel professionals

The majority of our trips to Burma are trouble-free. There are, however, several ways to make your journey as secure and pleasant as possible. Prevent nighttime traffic due to bad traffic and inadequate illumination. Although Burma is on the right, many cars are right-hand driven, making it more dangerous to cross and ride on highways.

This can increase, however, when the number of tourists rises รข take the customary precautionary measures and do not display valuable items. The Ngapali Beach Reserve is secure, but travel to the remainder of the state of Rakhine is not allowed due to the continuing wars. Never take pictures or make films of persons in uniforms, such as the law or the army.

Travellers should be cautious. While some travel limitations have been removed, many are still in place and not all tourist attractions are allowed. There are some areas that can only be accessed by air or rail, while others are not. Homosexuals are against the law in Burma.

Even though the bill is hardly ever upheld, in the past humans were put in jail, and same-sex couples should act discreetly. The Burmese may be overpowered by the way they are approached by family members travelling to Burma with children.

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In a troubled era in the country's past, Myanmar is showing why traveling at the grass-roots level is so important. There has never been a more important moment to promote a genuine exchange between travelers and local people, whether it' s a visit to a Bagan home shop, studying from a Pakkoku collaborative venture or just being together with village people in Kalaw.

Even though the country's call may have cooled, Myanmar still has the capacity to move. Journey to Myanmar (Burma) and experience mythic scenery and astonishing accommodation........ Uncover the old secrets of Myanmar on this trip from Yangon. Uncover the Myanmar magical myths on this great quest.

Explore one of the world's latest travel experiences on this journey through Myanmar,..... Cross the untouched Myeik Archipelago in full luxury on this cruising experience in..... We have done and seen things we could not have done on our own. Our travels in Myanmar (Burma) averaged 4. 86 out of 5, last year with 905 evaluations.

Really, there are advantages for group travel (new for us). All the other participants had a good time. It' a great relaxed journey. Although we recognize that there has been a great amount of debate about the boycott of Myanmar travel in the wake of recent incidents, we believe there is a great deal to say about the continuation of our travels in Myanmar.

The decline in tourist activity is not only affecting the outcome of the state or the army, but is also tightening the belt of indigenous households that depend on travelers to buy their goods. Travelling buycotts also have a tendency to further insulate endangered persons and to strengthen their worldviews. We at Intrepid believe that travel has the capacity to be a power of good.

Respecting the option of traveling to or from a particular destination is an isolated one, but we believe in the benefits that travel can bring to Myanmar. To find out more about our commitment to Myanmar, click here. VISA FOR EXCURSIONS visa for excursions in myanmar: important when you apply for an eVisa: - The minimum period of expiry of the eVisa is (6) month from the date of returnees.

  • The total duration of your visit is 28 nights from your date of arriving in Myanmar. Once it has lapsed, they will be refused admission. - cVisas are valid only for one-time travel to Myanmar and you may not re-enter with an e-visa that you have previously used.

When entering another Myanmar point of entrance, you must obtain your visas in advanced from a Myanmar consulate. Nationals who cannot obtain an eVisa should go to the Myanmar Mission in their home state. Notice - You may be asked to submit an invite statement from a Myanmar landowner.

If this is the case, please get in touch with us to receive this mail and we will forward it to you. VISA FOR SEAVING:: This Myanmar cruise will be accompanied by a visa upon your group' check-in (at the Thai/Myanmar checkpoint). The resumption of travel in Myanmar is not a light-hearted choice made by intrapid.

We reacted in 2003 to the call by then Democratily Democratic Republican Democratic President Aung San Suu Kyi, whose National League for Democracy (NLD) National League for Democracy refused the right to rule the state. Following recent good news in the state, such as the November 2010 election, the liberation of Aung San Suu Kyi from home detention and the NLD's ensuing call to end the travel bubcott, Intrepid has been asked to consider the return to Myanmar (Burma).

Through the reintroduction of our basic travel lifestyle, we can help improve the living conditions of the Myanmar tribe by establishing a mutual-interchange. First, the resumption of travel will give them the opportunity to interoperate with tourists from other parts of the globe and thus give a unique insight into the lives and government in other parts of the globe.

Second, taking people to Myanmar will help raise people' s consciousness of the country' s complexity and make a positive contribution to the local economies. In Myanmar, the uptime of the web is growing, with Wi-Fi and APs in most cities. It is now possible to roam internationally with more and more wireless communication in Myanmar; the picture is quickly shifting, so it is best to contact your service providers first.

During your stay in Myanmar you will have to adapt to various hygienic and sanitary requirements. It is not advised to drink mains running in Myanmar. It is also wise to prevent icing in beverages and peeling fruits and veggies before use. As Myanmar is still largely a currency industry, it is best to continue carrying it.

It is still a good idea to still carry money in trade. We no longer accept currencies for Myanmar shopping. Intrepid travelers must take out travel insurances before departure. On the first date of your tour, your travel data will be entered by your tour guide.

Because of the different types, availabilities and costs of healthcare around the globe, travel coverage is a very important and necessary part of any trip. At Intrepid, we are dedicated to respecting the communities, their cultures, economy and the natural surroundings. When traveling, please be aware of this.

Study the national languages and don't be shy of using them - just plain greetings will help crack the icecream. Support from craftsmen in the area is helping to keep handicrafts going. Intrepid Foundation offers travelers the possibility to give something back to the many beautiful societies we travel to. With a donation to The Intrepid Foundation you can do something for the community - in the areas of healthcare, educational, human and children's issues, and protecting wild animals and the world.

The Intrepid Foundation is proud to support Myanmar (Burma): Action Aid Myanmar is engaging young parishioners as ministers of transformation to strengthen their own communities.

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