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All in all, the best time to travel to Myanmar is the cooler season from November to February. Hello, I'm sure there's a bunch of you who are annoyed about outdated travel information for Myanmar! We start our journey in Burma, the Golden Land, in the former British colonial city of Yangon (Rangoon).

Travel to Burma: Tips before exploring Myanmar

Burma is one of those extraordinary South East Asia destinations that we keep asking to come back to, earlier rather than later. In contrast to other South East Asia nations such as Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, Myanmar is a place that has not yet been developed for travel. Whilst I keep thinking about the many things to do in Myanmar and why you should go, here are a few important hints that will help you make the most of your journey there.

Indeed, today some states even demand a visas for stays and transits. Fortunately, more than 100 nationalities can now obtain visas without having to contact a British colon. Like Songkran and Yi Peng's famous Thailand festival, Myanmar has its own festival to plan the itinerary for.

Fiestas like the Thingyan Water Festival (pronounced Tin-Jon) or even the Tazaungdaing Festival are great entertainment and a great way to see a celebratory side of the state. As with most Southeast Asian festivities, these festivities are reminiscent of particular occasions such as the end of the monsoons and the arrival of a new moon year, etc.

Whilst many folks enjoy the colourful activities and celebrations, the best thing about participating in these celebrations is the opportunity to see it all. Whilst it's generally not very busy, my general principle during the festivals is always to pre-book transportation and trips, as periodic passage schedules have to be skipped.

It comes from my partners own experiences after he was on the beach for a few nights during a vacation in China. If you are in Myanmar during the high seasons, you can use travel and transportation like Flymya to arrange transportation. There were practically no ATMs when the trip began in Myanmar.

Travellers had to take enough money (USD or Euro) with them to survive for about a whole months due to the untrustworthiness of the bank. Today, however, ATMs are available in all major travel locations. Of course, if you go to more of your neighborhood cities, you will need to take some extra money, just in case.

Take the opportunity to learn a few words before your journey can go a long way. Ever since I began to travel full-time, I have made it my job at least to say hello and thank you in the national tongue. Though Myanmar's coach situation has strongly changed, my mate Tom, when he left, had to take about 8 hrs in a shaky restaurant coach without air conditioning and real seating.

In Myanmar today, there are V. I.P. busses that can take you from point A to point B. Though it saves you an overnight stay, the winding bumpy streets, the blustery caraoke sounds and the general quick and angry riders in Asia should be enough to make you think.

Myanmar is one of the best places to travel to unlike other South East Asia destinations where most of the country's cultures are shaped by the West, Myanmar is a place where you can best see the country's people. A further interesting cultuural heritage in Myanmar is the eating of betelnuts.

Like in Cambodia, to fully grasp the understanding of the Myanmar population, it is worth while to take the opportunity to take the opportunity to learn about your past and what you have been through. Myanmar was governed with an unwavering determination for so many years from the Monarchs to the British Empire, in contrast to the conflict of the ninth world war.

When you want to share your story, these two volumes provide a good glimpse into Myanmar's evolution. One of the betting advice to consider when you plan a journey to Myanmar. Because of the extremely hot or rainy climate, Burma is best seen from November to March.

To find out what to wrap for Myanmar, take a look at our Southeast Asia packing list, which contains everything you need, from lightweight scarves to high end travel coats and real walking heels.

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