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Burma sailing experience ex Phuket (comfort) Myanmar (Burma) sailing adventure ex Phuket. Myanmar (Burma) cycle Yangon Short Break. Get the best prices for tailor-made trips to Myanmar (Burma).

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Begin your journey in Yangon spirit. Try authentic Myanmar food and the glittering Shwedagon Pagoda, get to know its past and Myanmar's buddhistic people. It won't let you down! If you stay in the centre of the town, you will have enough free space to discover the lively roads. Dive into the sacred present of the Golden Rock, high up at the foot of the mountains.

Every year you will travel with hundreds of millions of pilgrims to the summit of Kyaiktiyo and spend the night in a rocky resort to enjoy the ambience of this one of a kind place of spirituality.

Experience the mystic attractions of the glittering gold Buddhas and whitewashed temple mounds with wide view of the countryside and the town. There is a locals guide you in the right directions and then you can discover the area. From Kalaw, a former mountain resort for the British to get away from the hot summers, hike through rolling countryside, woods and countryside to the huge Inle Lake to experience a true Myanmar-tastes.

Drive to quiet Inle Lake, Myanmar's biggest fresh waters pond, 13 mile. Along the shores of the lakeside are many charming Burma towns, with stalked homes by the waters. Cruise the lakeside to get a true taste of what it' like in the area. Leave the footpath and dive into Burma's old-fashioned lifestyle.

Discover some of the 100 impressive churches dotted across the vast verdant countryside. Spend a few relaxing nights on the Ngapali coast, the palm-fringed sandy shores and shaky tree-lined shores are the ideal way to unwind after your Myanmar outing.

We have a premonition

It is our premonition that our profound passion for business and our insider know-how makes us the first corporate travelers to not only Japan, but also Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Burma. All of our clients benefit from the best possible tour packages, whether they choose our most sophisticated and high value packages or whether they are traveling on a more underspend.

Inside Asia Turismo Ltd is an award-winning tour operator based on a real commitment to travelling and adventures. Offering one-of-a-kind group trips and individual trips in Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Burma. Travelers decide to come with us because we know and enjoy the places we are offering very well.

It is this expertise that allows us to offer you the best possible service whether you are traveling on a limited budgets or looking for the most luxurious and sophisticated service. All of our Japanese advisors are very enthusiastic and have been living, working and traveling throughout the United States.

InsideBurma Tours, the youngest member of the Inside range, is bringing our award-winning blend of superior client care, local expertise and cutting-edge culture to the up-and-coming Burmese (Myanmar) city. Select between our fabulous small group tours and tailor-made tours or talk to one of our specialists to plan your own perfect trip today.

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