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Locate and book ATOL protected Burma tours with Kuoni. Tailor-made adventure takes you to three of the most beautiful and cultural destinations in Myanmar (Burma), including Bagan, Inle Lake and Mandalay. Touring Myanmar is a great way to really relax and have an adventure. You can rely on our team to offer beautiful Burma tours and holidays.

South Burma

South Burma is on the one side the home of busy Yangon's busy, fast growing city. At the other side are the foggy, holy summits of Hpa An and Kyaiktyo, where the great Golden Rock is unlikely to sit on a jut. In spite of his acclaimed association with Burma, Rudyard Ki-pling spends only a few short working hours on his way home from a mission in India.

His two stations in 1889 were here in South Burma. At Yangon he described the reverence that a trip to the Shwedagon Pagoda caused: His second stop in the former UK colonial capitol Moulmein (now Mawlamyine) inspired him to write his celebrated poetry Mandalay, which will be opened in the "Old Moulmein Pagoda".

Visiting Mawlemyine is well connected to the picturesque Hpa An area, where you can drive along the magnificent Thanlyin River and explore the famous Golden Rocks. Achieving the holy cliff on a steep mountain top is an adventurous experience in itself - but those who make an exertion will be rewards.

The sun rise on the rocks, surrounded by purple red friars and Buddhist followers, is a magic time.

It was all well matched and beautifully organised - from collection to transport.

It was all well matched and beautifully organised - from collection to transport. He also gave us a free car and a driver for the last 4 hour of our journey, which was not on the route. They were all suitable for the task, well educated. We had a tailor-made vacation to suit our interests.

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Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a place like no other - a little bit unfamiliar and a little bit misterious. Accompany us on our small group trip through this tropical landscape, explore the hectic pace of Yangon, discover the tropical Mandalay and visit the mystic Bagan.

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