Burma Tourist Visa on Arrival

Myanmar Tourist Visa upon arrival

Your hotel(s) address as indicated on your confirmed itinerary. Pre-package visas on arrival can be applied for at Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw international airports, while e-visas are available for tourist visas and entry requirements. When you travel to Yangon, you should look at my important travel information to Myanmar and look for accommodation. Visa *Pro Tip: Arrival visas are no longer available for tourists entering Myanmar. Visas for tourists are not available on arrival.

Burma Visa? Essential Travel Myanmar Tips before coming to the airport.

Burma is developing into one of the hottest tourist attractions of 2012. A visa for Myanmar is important, but a visa is not the only thing to consider before you arrive in this tropical country. It is not like a trip to Thailand, Bali or one of the well-trodden tourist paths in Southeast Asia.

Burma is....different. Myanmar has until recently had a cohesive approach to travel. There is no visa for you! However, an optimistic person would say that Myanmar is showing the first sign of rebirth or at least a new age. Burma is a spectaculairy land of unparalleled origin.

But before you board the airplane, there are some important hints you should know before making your way to the tropical Myanmar area. Good news - if you're in Bangkok, you're lucky. Bangkok is the most frequent route to Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar's capitol.

Myanmar's message in Bangkok is easily found. Applying for a tourist visa in Myanmar is simple if you follow these tips: Myanmar in Bangkok opens at 9am. Applying for a Myanmar tourist visa at the Bangkok Mission is a same-day visa request form. Myanmar's message is located on the small side road.

There is a small store on the right-hand side of the street that will do everything to help you get your Myanmar tourist visa without a hitch. You have visa applications. Once you have been to the store, go back to the Thai Baht office, line up, await the opening, line up again (not long!) and enter the filled out form, your ID and visa fees (in Thai Baht it was about $40 US).

When you' re not in Bangkok, my proposal is to go to Bangkok. It' a sensational town. So if you can't make it to Bangkok, please go to your nearest Myanmar Membassy. If you are not going to Bangkok, there is another way to get your visa to Myanmar - the service of an organization like eVisa Asia.

In this way you don't even have to go to an Myanmar consulate. It is $100, but for those of you who plan better than me, it's probably a good way to take the hassle out of last-minute visa requests. Cash is king in Myanmar. The US dollar is the only money that counts in Myanmar.

Work out how many USdollar you need and take it with you to Myanmar. Decisive is that these dollars: must be new, must not be unfolded, must not be soiled, must not contain any characters or other marks on them, and preferrably will be large notes (hundreds).

When your till shows any sign of deterioration, moneychangers cannot tolerate it in Myanmar. They need to be denominated in US dollar, as almost everywhere they go they are not acceptable. But in Myanmar they take the "exchange rate" to a completely different one. If you want, you can buy an airportaxi in US dollar and swap currencies at your accommodation or in town.

That gives you a sensible notion of what the best currency is. It helps with the payment of entrance to temples and the payment of persons who like to pay US Dollar, e.g. some cabbies. Bring a torch or torch to Myanmar. They will carry around the town, deep in the darkness, large bundles of Kyat's and possibly large bundles of USdollar.

They are the hardest pavements of all the big cities on the world. I' ve seen a lot of folks carry a lot of money with them, you'll be just fine. It' all right. Printout any reservation or booking in Myanmar, complete with your flight tickets. Myanmar's web site can vary from low to non-existent, so there is often no easy way for Myanmar personnel to verify that you actually have a ticketing!

In Myanmar, not necessarily. It is possible that if you made the on-line reservation recently before your arrival, the hotel may not have received the necessary information. If you are in Myanmar, remember to call Uncle Tin. Taxis in Myanmar are poor. So how about exploring Myanmar on a beloved 1960s Volkswagen bus or a vintage 50s or so?

"is one of the best tourist leaders you'll find. This is Uncle Tin's gift to put himself in his customers' shoes. Mister Tin is your husband. I' m not getting any commissions from Uncle Tin. Burma is a poverty-stricken nation, and the natives need every buck they can get.

Burma is truly an astonishing land. It' getting crowded with people. And not just for the visa. At last - Myanmar, Burma, Rangon/Yangoon? The decision I made to use Myanmar does not represent an opinion on internal political issues. After you have registered, please fill out this registration for Uncle Tin (Myanmar travel guide).

Burma is an unbelievably photoogenic land.

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