Burma Tourist Visa

Myanmar Tourist Visa

A passport with a minimum validity of six months and a blank page for the visa. PassHealth makes it easy for travelers to obtain a passport or travel visa for Myanmar. Make an appointment to visit the visa application centre. Getting a tourist visa for Myanmar in Phnom Penh was much easier than I thought. For Canadian citizens using a Canadian passport, a visa is required to enter Myanmar.

Visas Requirement Forms, Requirement and Instructions

As well as our handling charges, consular services may be charged for your visa request. Postage and packing and additional services are not included. A complete listing of charges can be found in your request for a student visa. Working vizas have higher servicing charges due to their complexities.

In order to view the available turnaround time for your travel destinations and consulate charges, click on the Consulate charges and visa turnaround hours on the right.

Will I need a touristic visas to Myanmar?

If you want to come to Burma (Union of Myanmar), you need a visas. In order to obtain a Myanmar Visas you need: Myanmar/Burma Visas must be filled out; original Myanmar/Burma Visas must be in possession of an original 6 month minimum; 5 current photographs; evidence of a fully paid trip. It should include the name of all claimants, the precise date of travel and date of repatriation and evidence of receipt of payment; evidence of accommodation in Myanmar.

Do you organize a company entry form? Sign in to your bank details and track the status of your job applications. Be prepared to move with the amount of travelling that we have been saving you on your applications and embassy processes. Will I need a touristic visas to Myanmar? Citizens of all nations need a visas to get into Myanmar (Burma).

Will I need to submit my initial residency card? In order to obtain the required visas, you must provide us with your genuine ID card. How do I get a Myanmar Visas? Myanmar/Burma Visas Registration Document; Your Personal Identification Card (valid for at least 6 months); Two recent passports; What do I need to get a Myanmar Visas?

Myanmar/Burma Visas Registration Document; Your Personal Identification Card (valid for at least 6 months); Two recent photo passports; How long is the Myanmar/Burma Tourism Visas for? You will be issued a touristic visas for 4 week from your date of arrival in Myanmar. What is the processing time for my visas?

Burma visas for Irish and British citizens will take 10 working day from the date we received your request. How does the Myanmar Tourism Permit work? Myanmar (Burma) Tourism Visas are for recreation and recreation only. What is my activation period after I have received my visas?

Myanmar Tourism Visas must be active within 90 working day of issue. What is the number of visits I can make to Myanmar on a touristic visas? Myanmar/Burma Tourism Visas are valid for one time only. To help company team members plan their trips for groups of individuals, we have created our website with a focus on their unique needs such as group bookings, on-line follow-up of several requests and in-depth purchasing reporting.

As a company visas organiser, we strongly advise you to register to use these functions.

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