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Find out more about the most interesting cities and sights in Myanmar (Burma), including buildings, monuments, parks and more. Here you can discover various sights. The Ngapali Beach in Burma is one of the up-and-coming tourist attractions in Asia.

Visiting Hsipaw on a journey to Burma (Myanmar)

Because of its height, it is a cold haven and has a relaxing ambience that draws a large number of travelers who mainly come to the city to organize brief hikes and strolls in the nearby rolling countryside. When you have an extra minute to killing, you can unwind at Mrs. Popcorns Organic Cafe on the outskirts of the city.

This is a quiet outdoor café with newly prepared juice and smoothie and a small selection of delicious canapés. Lean back in one of the rotten seats in the shadow of a orchard and unwind after your trip or outing.

Rides : Burmesian camp trench

Burma's moat is in Sing Buri County, which was a lookout point in the past and has a story of the courageous people of Bang Rajan who struggled to defend Siamese liberty and carved their deaths. Therefore, this region has many historic sights. Burma's moat is one of them and it's definitely a good idea to visit it when you're in Sing Buri.

Burma's moat was released in King Naraesuan to the Great Film when King Naraesuan announced liberty in the town of Krang and there were two great wars: the first was the Phraya Pasim force over the Three Pagoda Pass and another of King Chiang Mai's forces at the estuary of the Putsa War.

At the mouth of the river is today's Burma moat. Burma's moat was the L-shaped ground mound. The trench was believed to have been constructed around 1584, when Ayutthaya was at the mercy of the Myanmaris. It has been restored as a tourist magnet and can be visited free of charge.

Visitors can relax and unwind there. Before the moat is the historical film with the reddish brickwork walls. King Naraesuan the Great stands in the gazebo to hold his saber. This moat opens every morning for a visit. Burma's moat is in Baan Jedi Hak, Moo 1, Ban Pang sub-district, Sing Buri County.

It' about 16 kilometres from the town of Sing Buri, on Highway 32, km 129. Please contact the Baan Pang County Administrator Organization, Phrom Buri Distrikt, Sing Buri Provinc.

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