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The Shwedagon Pagoda (Living) Burma or Myanmar is a country that should be discovered especially by foreign tourists. Burma: Evaneos, Mandalay and Bagan. You are a must in Burma. Though enjoyable, the town has only a small number of touristic sites. However, you can still go around the castle wall in the center of the town, or go to a goldfield plant (which is used by religionists to "stick" Buddha statues).

A few kilometers from Mandalay, in Amarapura, don't miss the unbelievable U Bein bridges, which cross a surprise mixture of visitors and friars every single monday.

It is THE town of temple ruins and the first travel stop in Burma. There is no real bullion here, it is the old rocks that make the whole charms of these thousand different churches even more unbelievable. More than 4000 Buddhist monarchs have erected more than 4000 Buddhist monasteries here, many of which have withstood the erosions, seismic events and some dubious reconstruction.

A mandatory stopover in Burma, Bagan will take you to another era, and you will be carried away by the magical atmosphere that is present in the most unexpected place in Burma. Bicycles are probably the best way for sports enthusiasts to see the remains (rent a day for 0.50 pounds, it would be a mistake to say no....), but beware of heatstroke: the temperature can exceed 45°C.... For an absolute memorable experience, do not delay climbing in a warm aeroplane to see the whole complex, a reminder that you will probably place at the top of your itinerary!

When you don't have the money to afford this special, you won't be dissapointed by a dawn from the top of Paya Shwesandaw, which offers a splendid panorama of the nearby temple and the top of its peaks as far as the eyes can see....

Best Sights of Myanmar (Burma)

Stage 1: Your quest begins this afternoons as you travel to the Bangkok airfield to catch an intercontinental night-trip. If you arrive in Bangkok this mornings, you will be taken to Mandalay (your luggage will be handed in automatically), which will take about two hrs. Then you will be taken to your private accommodation in the town, which is about 50 minutes by car from the Aiport.

For the remainder of the night you can unwind, explore the vibrant coffee shop lifestyle and merchants in the town, or just enjoy the swimming pools in the town. It' an early dawn today to catch an authentically Mandalay-live. Observe how friars and followers assemble to rinse the statue's face and brush its teeths, a strange but wonderful celebration that takes place every dawn.

You can go on land after breakfasts to the town of Sagaing, littered with buddhistic cloisters. Back to the ship, you will have a pleasant mornings aboard to experience the scenery of the rivers. Her voyage arrives this mornings, breakfasts are taken on bord. Before arriving in the antique town of Bagan, if water level and season allow, you' ll be visiting a historic riverfront town.

After docking, get off the ship for the last few times and see your chauffeur to take you to your downtown resort. Begin with a trip to Shwezigon, one of Myanmar's most sacred places, known for its gold-plated coupé-pagode. Then you will be taken to Wetkyi-In Gubyaukgyi near by to see the lovely murals on the inside and the unbelievable gypsum sculptures on the outside.

Following this introductory tour of Bagan's famous cobblestones, take a close look at its history and see a variety of crafts. Then, make a last stop in a small town to get an insight into the lives of the people of Bagan. You will be taken by plane with your tour leader to the extinguished Mount Popa vulcano after having arrived at the airport for your morning break.

On the way there you will get to know nature and the adoration of nature, while passing many sanctuaries and seeing native people. When you return to the basis of the Schreins, the return journey to Bagan begins. Hover over Bagan's sanctuaries and the powerful Irrawaddy River on an memorable early dawn flight.

This expert guide will show you the most popular places and tell interesting tales about Myanmar's temple and civilization, while the hot air ballon is drifting over Bagan for about an hours. When you are back on the floor, lift a jar to commemorate the trip and eat a mild breakfasts while the hot air ballon is wrapped.

There you will be picked up by a chauffeur and can take advantage of the one-hour trip to your accommodation. In the afternoons, you can spend your time relaxing and enjoying your quiet environment, perhaps taking a walk or a swim in the swimming pools. Spend a delicious evening with a delicious meal of live seafood right out of the pond and get some rest after your early departure this mornings.

You will begin your day after having a good lunch at the lake fair. Walk the area, stroll through the town, visit a nearby college and hike through the wonderful area of Alaung Sitthou. Begin by entering the hill, using a number of paths to reach the altitude as you cross the land and get to know the area' s farming world.

The lunch is taken in one of the towns, either in a village home or in a convent, and is a good occasion to exchange ideas with the people. Featuring a lot of cultural on the road so far, you will drive to Ngapali Beach this mornings to do some well-deserved R&R.

You will be picked up at your accommodation and taken to Heho International Heho where you will be picked up by a chauffeur with a plank with your name on it and taken to your accommodation. You will be picked up by a cook at your accommodation and taken to a nearby fair.

In your hands, you will find small stands full of fruits, seasonings and all kinds of shellfish, where you can choose the best materials with the help of the cooks. Today, set off for Yangon, the last stop on your Myanmar trip. You will be taken to the Aiport to take a very brief plane ride (less than an hour) and land in Yangon, where a chauffeur will wait for you to take you to your downtown resort.

As soon as you have enough free space to let your pockets fall and refresh yourself, your personal guiding will take you for an afternoons walk at the motel. The city hall, the old train depot, the former minister's post, the Mariendom and the Buddhistic symbols of Sule Paya and Botataung Pagode are some of the highpoints.

You will be picked up from your accommodation this mornings and taken to Insein Township, where one of the best outdoor stalls in town is in town. In Yangon, after a brief stop, you will take the local'Kreiszug', which travels in a district around different parts of the town. Though the origin of the cemetery is not clear, the story goes that the building was originally constructed 2,500 years ago.

Unfortunately, the moment has come to go home. Transport to your London airport (again with automatic baggage check-in), probably in the early afternoon and arrival 12.

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