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Here are some ideas from Myanmar Tourism Marketing. The undiscovered Myanmar already has a wealth of dive sites just waiting to be discovered. Burma Tourist Places Burma boasts an unprecedented diversity of unspoilt scenery, from the unspoilt Bengal Gulf tropic shores to the Himalayan spurs, from the Bucolian Inle Lake countryside to small isolated outcrops. Visit the busy towns and explore the beauties of extraordinary places, the singular ambience of the old towns and the secret jewels of genuine towns.

This is where you can find the most important travel sites in Myanmar. It' probably a must for travellers who want to experience the mystical charms of Myanmar to take a trip through the Big Four: Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan and Mandalay. Often overlooked by many travellers, the south of Myanmar has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Travelers will find a wide range of experiences in these secluded parts of Myanmar, from the tragic and unspoilt north to the gorgeous Shan Mountains to the west.

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Myanmar (Burma) is a trip to the Asia of bygone times. Await a slower tempo of living in Myanmar, with less sophisticated infrastructures and amenities than in other parts of Asia that you will visit. This is Myanmar's (Burma's) 1948 anniversary of the country's liberation from the British Empire.

Travelers to Myanmar should make the same arrangements as elsewhere in Asia. - is an historical novel about a hundred years, from the time of the Konbaung dynasty in Mandalay to the present time. - It is a Burmese travel report that took a year in Burma to follow in George Orwell's steps and show the struggle of living in today's Burma.

  • I have received a number of 52 moving messages from Myanmar's premier advocate for peace and justice. Smaller groups and more isolated places use limousines and mini-buses. In Myanmar (Burma), web surfing is usually cheap and widespread outside of the hotel. You' re likely to find that your cell phones don't work in Myanmar, even with worldwide touring.

Cuisine in Myanmar (Burma) is strongly affected by China and India, where travel plays an important role and curry is very well-loved. Myanmar (Burma) has a number of resorts with indoor and outdoor use.

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