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The Shwedagon Pagoda (Living) Burma or Myanmar is a country that should be discovered especially by foreign tourists. Burma: Evaneos, Mandalay and Bagan. You are a must in Burma. Though enjoyable, the town has only a small number of touristic sites. However, you can still go around the castle wall in the center of the town, or go to a goldfield plant (which is used by religionists to "stick" Buddha statues).

A few kilometers from Mandalay, in Amarapura, don't miss the unbelievable U Bein bridges, which cross a surprise mixture of visitors and friars every single monday.

It is THE town of temple ruins and the first travel stop in Burma. There is no real bullion here, it is the old rocks that make the whole charms of these thousand different churches even more unbelievable. More than 4000 Buddhist monarchs have erected more than 4000 Buddhist monasteries here, many of which have withstood the erosions, seismic events and some dubious reconstruction.

A mandatory stopover in Burma, Bagan will take you to another era, and you will be carried away by the magical atmosphere that is present in the most unexpected place in Burma. Bicycles are probably the best way for sports enthusiasts to see the remains (rent a day for 0.50 pounds, it would be a mistake to say no....), but beware of heatstroke: the temperature can exceed 45°C.... For an absolute memorable experience, do not delay climbing in a warm aeroplane to see the whole complex, a reminder that you will probably place at the top of your itinerary!

When you don't have the money to afford this special, you won't be dissapointed by a dawn from the top of Paya Shwesandaw, which offers a splendid panorama of the nearby temple and the top of its peaks as far as the eyes can see....

well-trodden paths in Burma

Banned once in the West, Myanmar or Burma has recently experienced a drastic increase in tourist activity that is threatening its real allure. Myanmar has experienced an unparalleled surge in tourist activity after so many years of embargoes and sanction. By 2012, the nation has exceeded the one million visitor mark. This is a long way from the 762,547 who dared to enter the state in 2009.

"There is still the feeling of a uniquely Asian personality that is not being overwhelmed by the devastation of retail chains and multinational companies," says Phnom Penh-based Nathan Horton, who has been traveling to Myanmar since April 2012. "There are many places of interest, especially with regard to sacred relics, in almost every town, but also a great variety of old remains, colorful landscapes, beautiful landscapes, great hiking opportunities with open and welcoming ethnical minority and of course the singular natural beauty of Lake Inle - both beautiful and interesting culturally," he says.

As the number of travelers is likely to grow, Myanmar risks loosing the appeal that makes it so appealing to both the masses and individuals. Anja Cruikshanks, Bicycle Travel Operator Grasshopper Adventures is in agreement. There have been many voices of concern about the effects of modern architecture on the environment in large towns such as Yangon and Mandalay.

Go-Myanmar.com website's CEO and creator, Marcus Allender, speaks of building projects appearing all over Yangon and in large tourism centres such as the Bagan Temples and Lake Inle. The Cruikshanks is just a local tourism company that wants to entice innocent, freelance travelers away from the Yangon - Bagan - Lake Inle - Mandalay itinerary.

One other travel company that chose to stay anonymity - this is the reluctance to appear in the countryside - emphasizes the precarious Kyaiktiyo Pagoda or the Golden Rock in the state of Mon, Mount Victoria or Natmataung, the highest point in western China, and the Mergui Archipelago in the south with over 800 isles as alternative to it.

"Many others will enjoy the mountain landscape in and around Hpa-an and the rich culture and history of these areas," she says. Allender says that luxury long-distance coaches between the most important cities are convenient, but "places off the well-trodden paths demand determination". Safety can also be an important topic for fearless people.

"North Kachin states will certainly be very interesting for the visitor, but the instability between the ethnical groups hinders the village's development," says the anonymity-traveller. Tough to reach and costly, with poor shelter and safety issues, it sometimes seems harder to understand why Myanmar's population loves it so much.

Burma is one such place. As long as you are willing to stay away from the major tourist pages and roughen them a little, the possibilities are endless.

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