Burma Tourist places

Myanmar Tourist Places

Hsipaw is just one of the places you can visit on your tailor-made trip to Burma. The Kyaingtong is just one of the places you can visit on your tailor-made trip to Burma. Myanmar is on fire: not just literally from the resurgence of armed tribal conflicts.

Kyaingtong on a journey to Burma (Myanmar)

Kyaingtong (formerly Kengtung) is located in the far east of Shan State. It has an interesting past and hosted China merchants, nineteenth c. UK civil servants, travellers, emissaries and renowned scriptor. On the Kyaingtong market, Somerset Maugham dedicated two sections of his 1930-travelog.

Opened to international tourists in 1993, the area is a rarely seen part of Burma with secluded hilltops and breathtaking scenery. This city and its surroundings is an eclectic mix of many different civilizations, among them Shan, Burmese and Thais, which makes this part of the land profoundly alluring.

The Kyaingtong is a worthwhile goal if you have a feeling for adventures. Tourism in this part of the state is generally much lower than other, more sought-after travel locations in Burma. There are two simple, family-run properties that do not offer the same levels of services and love of detail as the Yangon or Mandalay properties, for example.

Cars and drivers are guided through these properties, making it more difficult to check their qualities directly. While we do our best to ensure the best cars and drivers in the area, please be ready for lower levels than in other areas. Because of the opening of the land, a better car will cross the Thai frontier and will be used by these companies.

Although the locals do not have a very good command of English, they have good command of the area and are able to interact well with the people. You will be escorted by a tour leader who knows the area and one from one of the bigger towns to provide logistical assistance.


Myanmar, formerly Burma, was until recently governed by a country known for its clumsy reactions to any kind of oppositions. Eventually, the blending of a vast and mostly tranquil democratic struggle, external pressures and an ageing regime resulted in Myanmar's election and opening up to multinational tourism and journalism in 2011.

Burma is still impassable and does not have the tourism facilities available in neighbouring Thailand. However, the decaying old houses from settlement times, the bustling roads and market towns of Yangon, the mythical town of Mandalay in the northern part, pristine southern shores and astonishing antique places like the remains of the old Bagan temples really make this land an appealing place for fearless people.

Myanmar, with isolated Laos and the formerly rugged roads of Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City, is one of the last places where you can take an uninterrupted look at Southeast Asia.

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