Burma Tourist places

Myanmar Tourist Places

Evaneus Eventually, try your best to buy fair trade memorabilia that are made by native people. Please also note the admission fees for tourist attractions. For the most important sights (Bagan, Lake Inlé...

.) an entry fees is charged in US-denominated. Generally it is very simple to dine on the streets like the Burmese do when they sit on small stools: a complete Kyat community adventure.

Considering that a teacher's averages $150 a month, if you want to haggle for your gifts, you should be modest and responsible. There are many ways to get around Burma: from motorcyclists sleeping in dorms to a 5-star honeymoon.

Myanmar Tourist Attractions (Burma)

Myanmar is widely known to be one of the best tourist resorts in Asia. When you talk about the big places in the land, there is more than you can believe! It is a mix of religion and cultural wealth, and among the many others you can look forward to the best historical sites in Yangon, Mandalay and Thanlyin.

is the Shwedagon Lagoon, which is not only an important place in Myanmar, but a world-class memorial. It dates back to 2,500 years ago, when it contained four Buddha. Yangon's most beautiful include the Sule Lagoon, the Kaba Aye (World Peace Pagoda), the Chauk-Htat-gyi Lagoon, the National Museum, the Bogyoke Aung San (Scott) Market and the colonial buildings.

You should also take a trip to the best places in Myanmar, including a trip to the Hlaing River, which stretches across the Thanlyin (Syriam) and Kyauktan. An old port city, it will take a good rest between visiting historical sites and sacred sites in Yangon. The Kyaik Khauk Pagoda is another attraction.

The other special places in Myanmar are Twante, Htaukkyant, Bago, Kyaikhttiyo and Mawlamyine.

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