Burma Tourist Office

Myanmar Tourist Office

Before entering the country, all travellers must apply for a tourist visa. The company is an authorized tour operator and travel agency licensed by the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism under the license number We kindly ask you to visit our office by appointment only. Valid passport with entry visa is required for all tourists and business people valid in Myanmar's embassies and consulates general abroad. Important Burmese travel information such as meditation visa, contact with Myanmar embassy, registration for the Panditarama retreat, hotels and money exchange.


The EU said that much still needs to be done to move Burma forward on the road to democratisation. It has not yet been overtaken by the full bloom of tourism abundance. Burma has a lot to boast, as the high gloss images in the trip booklets show. Ah, yes, the Buddhist friars. Later, in their ripe years, they are supposed to be serving again, this times perhaps only for a few short periods.

Eighty percent of the Buddhists who worship a large number of couples are not worshippers of one God, but rather respects the Buddha's idea. They also worship the Nats: an entire ghostly animistic ghost art museum, less ceremonial than the imposing Buddha, who inhabits the physical universe and is easily accepted everywhere.

Many of her Shrines are next to buddhistic churches. It' s the great diversity and splendour of Burma's many sanctuaries and churches that are its great patrimony. That'?s where the sightseers go. There is a large gold cupola 300 feet from the basis, a stage with a whole series of chests, paintings, wells, sanctuaries, giant clocks and pictures of seated and upright Buddhas everywhere.

However, the most exceptional place of all is Bagan, one of the most spectacular archeological places in the whole wide globe, and only 30 minutes by plane from Mandalay. Here, between the eleventh and thirteenth century, the Burmese monarchs constructed more than 1,000 churches on an area of 14 sqm. many of them with murals and woodcarvings.

The tourist to this place is serviced by some fine hotel that hide discreetly under the height of the palms. Humans are smile and courteous, want to practice their English and stay in contact with the outside of the class. The Trailfinder Classic Burma 10-day personal guided Burma trip includes Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay and includes drivers and drivers as well as personal chauffeurs, but not international flights, from 1,348 per head (based on two parts).

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