Burma Tourist Office

Myanmar Tourist Office

Yangon Ministry of Hotels & Tourism Tourist Information. For the latest news, visit the Explore press office. Myanmar Military - Rangoon Myanmar:

Taunggyi Tourist Information Office, Myanmar (Burma)

Yangon Ministry of Hotels & Tourism Tourist Information. It is a calm place, and employees often have little insight into limited areas of the state. New Bagan Myanmar Tours. The MTT is in Mandalay. More efficient and generally supportive personnel. Travelers who want to organize a chauffeur or expect to book a room in a city should organize a journey with the help of Yangon's and other large cities' own agencies.

In Myanmar, many agencies outside Yangon only offer airline fares.

On a view

Burma is an enchanting country with gold coupons, miracles of nature and smiles, sunbathing in a recently opened tourist business. An inquisitive traveler's goal, a trip to Myanmar lets you see an antique group of more than 2,000 shrines and palaces, populate the green plain, observe the dangerous Gold Rock at Kyaiktiyo or go to the water to explore swimming towns and scenic rivers.

Myanmar hospitality is a hallmark of Myanmar culturally. Since there is no local term for tourists, travelers are truly welcomed as "guests", and if there is only one thing you take with you from your stay here, it will probably be reminiscences of its kind, caring, friendly folks - thoughtful, curious, amusing and supportive.

Myanmar has much more to offer than a surge of positive; as Kipling once said, the land is "unlike any other place you know. Burma is a large nation with geographic and cultural differences, offering much and more for the inquisitive traveler. Take your Myanmar vacation and take your leisure travel ing here is a pleasure.

The central part of Burma is home to some of the country's most important historic and artistic assets. You can visit the old Bagan sanctuaries, the tranquil water of Inle Lake or the Mandalay area. Burma's most northerly state, Kachin State, is a part of the Himalayas that has been largely unaffected by the strong geographic barriers in the Noth.

Yangon, the former capitol of Rangoon, is Burma's biggest and most important trading center. Burma's coastline (Myanmar) is sandy with miles of footprint-free sands and more than 800 unspoilt islets, making Burma's shores home to some of the most recreational vacations you will find.

Irrawaddy River and Inle Lake make traveling in Burma a picturesque way to explore, while invaluable cultured pearls come from Manadalay, Yangon, Bagan and more. ranging from levels full of old palagodas as far as the eyes can see to impressive nineteenth c. colorful rural architectural styles that line the town' s avenues.

Myanmar (Burma) is one of the most thrilling travel destination in the atlantic. It' has recently opened its gates to more easily accessed types of travel, which means you can more easily explore this atmospheric, mystical area. In terms of attractiveness and tourist attractions, many nations have an emerging industrial sector and will not be left by the wayside for much longer.

It is recommended to go to the best places before they are changed forever.

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