Burma Tourist Map

Myanmar tourist map

Find out all about Myanmar's first community-based tourism project in Myaing. Detailed Folding Travel Tourist Driver Pictures | Burma Road Map Myanmar, the seductive Buddhist country of Southeast Asia (formerly known as Burma ), lies on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea coastline and stretches over 676,578 km2 with Naypyidaw as its capitol. Thousand Buddhist monasteries in Bagan, one of the most picturesque plains in the whole wide globe with more than 2000 shrines and couples, have been powerful for centuries.

Majestic River, the floating Inle Lake garden - Ayeyarwady and Chindwin - are accessible to the remotest corners of the state. The exploration of the land can be like a trip back in time - inspired by the lack of the West, and even in Rangoon (Yangon), Burma's biggest town, the natives stroll the roads in folk costumes, wearing thinakha to keep them from getting a tan.

In other parts of the land, tradition has been well maintained; the wives go on the prone foot pedestrian walkway made of tea wood with goods poised on their head, the Inle Lake fishers practise growing legs and live on in the isolated Kalaw towns as usual. Cruising the Irawaddy and Chindwin is the best way to discover the area' s natural world. It gives you the best way to get to know the places that are otherwise out of reach.

It' s powerful sanctuary and buddhistic origins are reflected in the glittering sanctuaries throughout the nation, the extraordinarily balance of the Golden Rock and the purple-red migratory rocks shadowed by large canopies. However, both mysterious and thrilling domestic travel is used to maximise your travel times in major travel locations while minimising the hour on the lingering lymphatic bumps of Burma's road.

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