Burma Tourist Map

Myanmar tourist map

Burma Railway Map. Train connections in Southeast Asia with bus and ferry connections to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma (Myanmar) Mandalay attractions: Rent a bike, take a map and go, or take a tour. Are you looking for a road atlas or a detailed road map of Burma? Purchase travel maps for Burma tourist attractions, directions and more.

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Not only will you be guided through the best of Burma, from the enchanting Rangoon and the Mandalay to Bagan Temple, but also on a 2-night Irrawaddy River tour where you will get an insight into daily living in the countryside of Burma. The remainder of the daily is available to absorb the language of the area.

Eventually you discover the Shwedagon pit. It is said to contain four relicts of former Buddhas and is Burma's holiest Buddhist site. Go on a boating tour to Mingun, visiting the huge Mingun pit. Visiting Mya Thein Tan pit and exploring the hills around the town of Sagaing are full of pitfalls, churches and cloisters.

Drive to U Bein Brigde, the world's longest wooden deck overlooking Taungthaman Lake. Enjoy a full days sightseeing of Burma's Capitol of Culture, visit the Mahamuni Pagoda, Shwenandaw Monastery and a goldsmith's shop before traveling to the Old Town of Amarapura and the Mahagandayon Monastery, a place of abbey studies and home to several thousand young Buddhist friars.

Visiting the town of Yandabo. They specialize in pottery and you can see the locals at work before you browse the area. Get off at Bagan and start your exploration. Burma's main plateaus are dotted around Bagan with some 2,000 ancient buildings dating back to the days of the ancient empires.

Visiting some of these countless monasteries, such as Htilominlo and Dhammayangyi, before watching the sun set from the top of the Aureum Watch Tower. We return to Bagan. You will board a small ferry this mornings to Kyun Thiri Rivers Village, where you can go to a nearby convent for a few teas and snappers.

Back to Bagan by ferry. Take a flight to Heho and continue to Inle lake. It is known for the exceptional "Intha" living on and around the waters and its exceptional oarsmanship. Take a cruise on the lakeside and explore Nanpan, a typical Inle hamlet on stilt.

Say goodbye to Inle Lake and head back to Heho Airfield to Rangoon. Included in all our trips are foreign travel and tax. However, if the information we have available for this trip does not meet your needs, or you are not sure if a trip is suitable for you as part of a group, a private trip might be better.

In contrast to many other travel agencies, we take your visa into the cost of our trip. Tips are now an anticipated feature of the tourist sector and Burma is no different. This amount is charged for each trip. Consistent with the interests of most holidaymakers, your trip will contain an appropriate number of ways to purchase items and gifts.

As we know that folks like to take home memorabilia, we make sure that the stores you go to have a good reputations for qualitiy, sincerity and truth. Our goal is to satisfy the flavor of most humans and so the meal is not too aromatic or uncommon in tast. Below are some samples of the types of hotels you can look forward to on this trip.

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