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Explore the tourist information in Bagan, Mandalay, Burma with the help of your friends. Travelling information Yangon Myanmar Myanmar's commercial centre and gate, Yangon, is verdant with luxuriant rainforest with shaded gardens and scenic seas. Yangon, meaning "end of conflict", was renamed Rangoon when the Brits annex Burma (then Myanmar) in 1885. Myanmaryat ( "MMK") is the government's main local currencies.

Although the Kiev is divided into 100 pya's, medals are unusual. Instead, up to 1,000 kyats are used. Gelbfieberbescheinigung is necessary for entering Burma if the traveler arrived within 9 working day after departure or transit through areas with it. The AEA is an example of this.

Generally, lightweight leisurewear in Yangon is appropriate all year round. It is useful to wear a lightweight pullover between October and February, especially during a visit to Oberburma. The Yangon region has a temperate climates that range from slightly hot in summers - 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F) - to comfortably cool in winters at 20°C to 24°C (68°F to 75°F).

Travelers' Health Information for Burma (Myanmar) - Travelers Perspective

Wrap articles for your own protection and wellbeing. It is possible that you may not be able to buy and package all of these products, and some of them are not pertinent to you and your itineraries. Consult your physician about which articles are most important to you. It is a general overview and may not contain all the articles you need.

In our Trip Information Centre you will find more information if you are a traveller with special medical needs, such as maternity or immunodeficient travellers or travellers working for a particular cause such as providing humane assistance. In the event of a delay in your journey, please keep in mind to wrap extra items with important medical items. Ensure that the recipes contain the generic name.

Please take prescription drugs, glasses/contacts and other health materials with you.

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Descriptive/Topic:# When do # Sights # Money & Cost # Getting here & staying # Story.... "Traveling to Myanmar is an Ethics Choice - Should you go? Please review the alert below or go to our relevant section..." Sources/Editor: Myanmar Mission, Geneva, Description/Topic: Big Page. Dating, tourism statistics, ASEAN comparison..... Photographic exhibition, money museum, Myanmar stamps, Myanmar costumes.....

All Myanmar alphabets, script, sorting, Myanmar proverbs, zero, useful phases..... Myanmar, Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Taunggyi, Innlay, Mrauk Oo... Myanmar: Internet, Golden Land? Myanmar vs. Burma, flags, comparison, city name..... Travelling: Complimentary tour information, Shwe Dagon, Biggest Bell, Padaungs, tourism statistics..... The world' s greatest book, the world' s greatest wonders, the first, Myanmar' s superlatives.....

Yellowpages, Whitepages, Bluepages, Myanmar Web Sites, FREE Email, The Myanmar Classified(c), Myanmar Tourist News(c), Chat, Personal Ads, News, Postkarten, Gästebuch, Tell a friendly. A long listing of tourist and other business sites and home pages (Homepages not accessible, August 2001). abstract:Summary: "The Republic of Myanmar is experiencing unparalleled tourist expansion as a consequence of far-reaching policy and economical reform.

Myanmar attracted over 1 million foreign tourists for the first year in its long story. Further important driving forces behind our economic development are the fast development of regular air services, the facilitation of visas for tourists entering the country at the airport, the improvement of commercial and capital expenditure terms and the increasing need for foreign trips on long-and regionally important routes.

Though Myanmar has a rich and varied heritage of culture, nature and history, it has only just started to realise its huge tourist appeal. Because of its income and job prospects, the tourist sector is a worldwide sector of particular importance for the economy of less developed states. The Myanmar government (GOM) has therefore given priority to tourist developments in its framework for social and economical reforms.

In order to make sure that tourist expansion brings wide and fair socioeconomic and ecological advantages, GOM adopted the Myanmar Responsible Tourist Policies in 2012. It is also supported by the Myanmar Tourist Federation (MTF) and has received high praise from civic organizations and developing states. Myanmar's Responsible Tourism Policies envision the following visions for Myanmar's tourism: "We want to use our tourist industry to make Myanmar a better place to work, to create better businesses for all our citizens, to help preserve our local environment and our wealth of culture, and to help us all.

Welcome to those who appreciate and appreciate our legacy and way of living and who journey with awe. "In this connection, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism (MOHT) - the GOM responsible for the systematical developement of the tourist industry - has developed the Myanmar Tourist Master Plan (the Master Plan). Myanmar's Master Plan incorporates this Myanmar tourist industry perspective and the nine objectives of the Myanmar Responsible Touristic Policy as guidelines.

Aim of the Master Plan is to maximise the contributions of sustainable development to domestic jobs and incomes and to make sure that the socioeconomic advantages of sustainable development are shared fairly. "Descriptive/Topic:148 pages with illustrations of Myanmar's touristic sites and activities.......1 Introduction: "The Myanmar Travel Directory is a joint endeavour of the Union of Myanmar Travel Association to provide up-to-date information on travel in Myanmar.

The directory contains a full listing of 3G members by their website address, from where information on in-depth tours, highlight tours and service tours can be accessed. Myanmar's inhabitants have good and healthy crops in a tradition of genuine accommodation. Myanmar is located between the Holy Ganges of the subcontinent of India and the Great Mekong of Indochina, 582 nautical mile (.936 km) at its wide.

In the middle of its arcade, the range of the Yoma briefly drops off, so that the stream shifts slightly to the west and merges with the Chindwini. The year 2001 a collaborative anthropological research group found petrified remnants of primate between 49 and 33 million years in Pondaung, CMB. In the second A. D. the urban kings of Beikthano, Mongmao, Sriksetra and Hanlingyi were established by the Pyu clans in Cymanmar.

The Bagan was established in 845~850 A.D., but it was not until 1044 A.D. that King Anawrahta united the city-states into a nation about the dimensions of what is now Myanmar. At present, the state is still in the development phase, and the tourist sector is also on the upswing. The Ministry of Hotels and tourism is committed to providing regulation guidelines in the sector and generating tourist expansion.

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