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Myanmar Tourist Information

From golden stupas to unexplored jungle areas and famously friendly culture, Myanmar is fascinating to visitors. Maybe you should change the information on this website. Burma is one of the largest countries in Southeast Asia and offers a variety of tourist attractions. Extensive and up-to-date information for tourists and business travelers to Myanmar, including visas, weather, currency, internet, language and more. Provides information on the main tourist attractions and destinations in northern Myanmar to help you plan your itinerary.

North Myanmar Tourist Information | Travel Places

Water divide between the powerful Aeyarwady ('1350 miles) and gold-clad Chin Dwin (594 miles) rivers starts from the north of Myanmar. Himalayas mountains are also part of the north part of the levelling. In this area, the area is abundant in resources such as wood, jade, pure and organic dust.

Tarong clan (3 26") lives in the north of Myanmar at the foot of Mount Khakaborazi (Tarong village). These are the last borderline strains for anthropological scholars. These areas are shrouded in this verdant wood, the cleanly running stream, the lovely plain trunks and natural reserves, the unique character of these areas.

Situated at the foot of the Khakaborazi and Phonganrazi, the northernmost town in the state. Mulashide hanging viaduct, beautifully situated on the banks of the Malikha riverbank, Machanbaw town. This is the most sacred pageanque of the state of Kaung Hmu Lone, and the trek to the towns of the local tribal and local tourist sites.

Wealthy in flora and fauna, it is good for researchers of biological diversity; Rawan, Lisu, Azi, Zaiwa, these mountain peoples are living in the area. Kachin state capitol, situated on the western shore of the powerful Ayerwaddy. Phakant and Indawgyi Sea are the most important administrative town of the state.) Phakant and Indawgyi Sea are driving from Myitkyina.

This is the renowned protected area and the wonderful area. The Ayerwaddy confluent starts 26 leagues from Myitkyina ) can be accessed by rail and waterway from Yangon and Mandalay. Jeanphaw, Lisu, Kukkii, Lachik, Lawaw Hill Tribalncontinued. Lots of gates to feed clamp by the frontier trading, with 2 hour ride for Myitkyina Wild-life sanitary is achieved its famed for Elefantenschut.

The Kachin breeds and strains gather on this occasion for their New Year. From Myitkyina to Bamaw, Bamaw to Katha by boat along the Ayerwaddy riverbank is a paradise for birdwatching. First slag near Talawgyi and second slag near Shwekyin are really challenging to ride on the Ayerwaddy creek.

Journey from Myitkyina. This is the world's largest 5,958 square mile tigers sanctuary, created by the U.S. based Westlife Society and its top division. There are still some primeval woods in the valley. Lisu, Kachin Khamti and Shan Naga communities are living in this valley.

Wealthy in forestry resources, wildlife and bio-diversity, goldmines, jade mines and the production of forestry produce are the major commodities of their areas. The Indawgyi Sea is situated in the municipality of Moenyin. It is the biggest pond in Myanmar (214,67 sqkm). Aquatic areas on (100 square miles) 1000 to 4000 hills are encircled by the sea.

Old Shwe Myitzu has been in the water for 137 years. Since the Kings of Myanmar there has been traffic between the Geba and other locals, the Shan and Pa Os in the northern and the Bamar in the lowlands.

The Kayin people were living in the east of Taung Oo, in the cheerful splendour of the east Yoma, home and heart of the Kayin people. Above the country of Geba is rough and rough, but of great aura.

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