Burma Tourist Attractions

Myanmar Tourist Attractions

GoldĀ Rock is just one of the places you can visit on your tailor-made trip to Burma. This province has many historical sights. Closed areas for foreigners and tourists in Myanmar.

Burma Tourist Attractions - Sights in Myanmar Burma

Myanmar's most beloved and one of the best places in Myanmar Burma is Yangon (Rangoon), the biggest and most pulsating town in Myanmar. During the Burma tour you will see much more than the area. People who love the outdoors can spend their vacation in Myanmar and soak up the most spectacular of all the country's archi-ctects.

Visiting the various and lovely places in Myanmar Burma travel and visiting the biggest town that houses a series of ancient monuments in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is still an enlightening and business centre that enchants the visitor and is well worth discovering in Myanmar's tour. One of Myanmar's most important touristic sites, Bagan should be listed as one of the best places to see in Myanmar.

Bagan Myanmar is the best place to do in Myanmar while on vacation in the plain of Bagan. Discover these places in Myanmar because each of them has its own history to tell. One of the largest Southeast Asian tourist towns for Myanmar where you will find many amazing monasteries and the most amazing archaeological site to enjoy your stay with Burma in.

This is one of the top 5 places to see in Myanmar Burma, from where you can see the whole country and the striking religion. On the Andaman Sea promontory of the Andaman Sea is Myeik, formerly known as Mergui, a bustling and important harbour that boasts a variety of outdoor pursuits and is easily explored on a walking tour while Myanmar's tourists are here.

It' still on the list of the top 5 places in Myanmar Burma tourist, with a number of monumental houses from the Colonies. Myeik Archipelago and Myeik Island are the best places to see during Myanmar travel. The Myanmar Island is only accessible to foreign visitors on organised Myanmar trips.

One of Myeik Myanmar's most important attractions is that the city has become an important global harbour for over 500 years and is home to its vast fleet of fish. With a length of 13.5 mile and a width of 7 mile, Inle Lake is definitely one of the top 5 places in Myanmar Burma.

Picturesque Inle is a favourite destination in Myanmar, known for its swimming towns and parks. One of Myanmar's most beloved and best places to travel is Inle Lake, located in a beautiful valleys in the middle of the mountaineerin. People can come and enjoy Myanmar vacation at the lakeside, while Myanmar travel, which gives them a different feel.

Myanmar has many sights to see in Myanmar when crossing Lake Inle and in the nearby towns where the timber frame home is located. Mount Kyaiktiyo is one of the 5 best sights in Myanmar to be visited in Burma.

Mount Kyaiktiyo, surrounded by its own temples and palagodas, is the holiest place to be visited in Burma for tourist purposes. Visiting the holiest and most scenic places in Myanmar and from the summit; see the 360 degree panorama views of the near-hills. Mt. Kyaiktiyo is a huge, gold-roofed and stupa-covered destination in Myanmar.

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