Burma Tourist Attractions

Myanmar Tourist Attractions

A little-known to Mrauk U. yesterday, Burma is now becoming an up-and-coming destination in Asia. Gold Rock is just one of the places you can visit on your tailor-made trip to Burma. Closed areas for foreigners and tourists in Myanmar.

Visiting Golden Rock on a journey to Burma (Myanmar)

Now you can include pages from around our website for your own customizable journey whenever you see this symbol. You can click on the symbol to make your first journey. One of the holiest Buddhist rallies in Burma is the Golden Rocks Pagoda. In the course of time the stone was completely coated with goldfoil.

Kyaiktiyo's Golden Rocks are one of Burma's most holy sites. Despite the severe earthquake in the past, the cliff has stayed in this delicate situation in a mysterious way. The example route gives you an impression of what is possible when you are travelling in Golden Rocks and shows you itineraries we know particularly well.

Take this as an inspirational experience, because your journey will be designed by one of our team. It is an excellent journey for those who are keen on walking and boating and are willing to make compromises on the standard of lodging in order to have the chance to experience the friendly and enchanting hospitaitĂ .

We have chosen a number of accommodations for you when you come to Golden Rock. It is the better situated of the two possibilities on the hill. The accomodation is simple, but more than sufficient for one or two nights.

Enjoy the journey to Bagan - one of Burma's touristic sights.

especially in a growing town like Bagan. The New Bagan is a new settlement constructed in 1990 for the Old Bagan migrants. Old Bagan, the last one, is an enchanting countryside with huge antique relicts and shrines that are meticulously preserved and often renovated. The most interesting experience in Bagan travel is the opportunity to discover and experience remote and undeveloped areas.

While there are not many luxury amenities you can experience like in the centre of Bagan, you can still study many different things on your own. There are many reports from travelers that there are some great ways to get around Bagan, Myanmar if you want to get the most out of your itinerary.

You may feel like hiking the basaltic streets in Old Bagan, cycling or horse back rides to see the collections of churches, shrines, pagodas and convents under the vast skys. As you head to various sights such as the temple or pagoda in this Burmese touristic destination, it is important that you take off your boots and stockings and leave them out before going barefoot to the temple.

Bagan sanctuaries are made of stoneware tiles whose courtyards cover several hundred metres to take up the warmth so that it is very warm in high outside temperatures. Don't be hesitant to ask the locals for help if you get astray or wonder about the route to your travel destinations, because there are many here who can talk English thanks to Myanmar, which is open to tourist policy.

  • Manuha is one of the most popular in Bagan due to the sacrifice of the Burmese here. You have a large gold bells on a concrete base in the middle of the large room in the cloakroom. For a long time, the sacrificial ceremonial has been a unique culture and a source of great joy for the people of Bagan.

Don't miss to discover this interesting tradition of the locals through this Myanmar experience here in Myanmar, so you know everything clearer and faster. The Mahabodhi is also an important comment for the tourist. The name and texture are similar to those of the Bodhigaya sanctuary in India.

They should also stop in the largest Bagan pit whose form resembles a giant mountain peak. His name is Dhammayangyi, a spaghetti of King Narathu. Thatbyinyu Phaya is the highest of the temples of Bagan, 61 metres high and constructed by King Alaungsithu in the mid12th cent.

It has been included in many Myanmar guides as a good proposal for tourism destination. When you are in the highest part of the sanctuary, you can see the whole area of Old Bagan. Shwesandaw, known as the "sunset pagoda", is perfectly situated for visitors to admire the breathtaking scenery in the dawn of the morning with the beautiful reddish suntan.

After some fairytales in this Burmese touristic destination, this shrine was constructed in 1057 BC by King Anawratha to preserve one of eight Buddha hair pieces. A lot of visitors are very interested in learning these and other interesting and mystical local histories. Bagan also has many other sanctuaries such as Shwezigon, Shweguyi, Sulamani, Gubyaukgyi, Gawdawpalin and Bupayastupa.

Situated in the south and 50 kilometres from the centre of Bagan, Popa Hill has become a popular pilgrimage site in Myanmar. Travellers have to cross 777 stairs and run through a flock of apes to get to the cloister. Even though it will take a while and energy to get to the top and end the trip, it's a shame if you can't end it, because if you overcome the challenges of this Burmese adventure, you can take many breathtaking pictures on the top of this hill.

Once you have left Popa Mountains, you can take your leisure to explore the towns at the bottom of the hill or along the craggy streets of Bagan. This experience is also a worthwhile highlight for your journey. In fact, there are not many ways for every tourist to come to Myanmar and make a journey to Bagan, the home of the Goldagodas.

There are of course many other Burmese tourism sites, but for local excursions to Myanmar Bagan seems to be the first port of call for many people. So don't be too reluctant to study the most valuable experience to discover this marvellous and lovely country.

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