Burma Tourism Safety

Myanmar Tourism Security

The TOURISMUS is booming for the Southeast Asian country. Pregnancy and travel; cards; message; safety information;

page drop box. Best time to visit Mawlamyine, Myanmar for weather, safety and tourism. It' one of the safest countries for tourists. It' safe to drive along the Chin River; some tourists spend the night in boats.

Will it be secure to go to Myanmar in 2017?

As Aung San Suu Kyi has taken over the role of Myanmar State Councillor (de facto Prime Minister, a specially appointed post for her), we thought it was time to reflect on these changes and keep our travelers' security information on the Myanmar mystery. A series of civilian conflicts and almost five years of Myanmar's reign as a dictatorial country have marked its international reputation since the country's 1948 victory.

All the travelers have been awaiting the message that the picture has improved and that the land is opening its gates to tourism. Myanmar is secure as long as you take the FCO's counsel. The opportunities for conflicts in Myanmar are if at all specifically for certain places and administration entities within the state, and the Federal Cartel Office would be conscious of the risk of them.

It has been supporting the opening of frontiers to tourism since 1992, and with the choice of a military-backed civil administration in 2010, this has become a reality. Burma's citizens have clearly stated their wish to contribute to the creation of sustainable tourism, and since the parliamentary election in 2015 the National League for Democracy has taken over.

Suu Kyi has shifted her attitude to tourism since her liberation and publicly declared that "as long as this is done in a responsible manner, the visitor can have a beneficial impact on humans and the natural world. While it is a secure place, cultural aspects should be taken into account when travelling to Myanmar.

Overall, apart from the policy context, many of the same problems that occur in Myanmar are known around the world.... primarily thefts. From an objective point of view, the trip to Myanmar is secure and a truly exciting venture that we recommend. You will have a great opportunity to help develop the state. If you are planning to come to Myanmar, please contact your family doctor to find out if you are aware of the UK vaccination requirements.

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