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Singapore Tourism Board (STB) sees Myanmar as an emerging source market and has announced plans to attract more arrivals. Download the Tourist Visa Application Form for Myanmar here. Myanmar, state peace and. You can visit the Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board website here for more facts and information. Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board YangĂ´n, Burma (Myanmar) Email: mtpb@mptmail.


Myanmar is struggling to deal with tourist flows

With Burma opening up to the outside wide open, good fortune in getting a room. Travelers and avid gamblers flock in to discover one of Asia's most pristine lands by utilizing properties, double room prices and placing airline bookings on waiting list. Myanmar is keen on the tough money that aliens are bringing, but is fighting with the inflow.

Right now, Burma is the place adventure seekers like. It is an Asiatic Buddhist miracle country with Buddhist friars dressed in reds and cycle rickshaw, where the roads are lined with English settlement-relicts. No Starbucks or McDonald's or West Coast properties, but some of them will soon be changing. A new law is being developed to make it easy for overseas chain businesses and others to do doing good in Burma.

An auction is going on for a dozen or so of monumental houses that some builders want to renovate as boutiques and demolish others. Tourist boards say that the land needs more internationally tasting places to eat, more rent a cars, more planes to take visitors to the holy sanctuaries in Bagan, more English language tourist leaders, more everything else.

"First and foremost, we need more accommodation. There is a need for large chains," said Kyi Kyi Aye, an advisor to the government's Burma Tourism Board. As Intrepid Travel says, it has added another 36 sailings for its Burma trip in reaction to the extraordinary request. "There was an unbelievable reaction to Aung San Suu Kyi's call to come back to Burma," said James Thornton of Intrepid Travel.

Explorer Worldwide said its 14-day Burma highlights journey was very much-loved. "In response to unparalleled demands, we added more than 70 additional sailings in Burma in 2012," it says. The number of visitor arrives rose by almost 30 percent to 816,000 in 2011. Yangon currently has 5,000 rooms, but only 3,000 of them are rated "suitable for tourists," said Maung Maung Swe, deputy chair of Burma Tourism Board.

"We need this place to get more properties fast. "It is the same in The Strand, one of the big southeast Asian cities where Rudyard Kipling and Somerset Maugham were sleeping when the land was still Burma - the land was known as Myanmar during his 1962-2011 war years.

We' re trying our best to get rooms in other properties, but it's not easy," said Khin Sandar. Aung San Suu Kyi, the graceful 66-year-old who became the world's most celebrated incarcerated politician for two centuries, is another beloved touristic destination. South Koreans rushed one day to their run-down Yangon head office to take photos and buy T-shirts bearing the face of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, who was not on the area.

"That used to be a self-contained state. Attendance of tourists began to grow after the November 2010 Burma election and set Suu Kyi free, who is now standing for a parliamentary chair. A number of people have proposed striving for a restricted, higher-quality touristic industry. It' s like a delicate thing," says Su Su Su Tin, who manages a travelling agent and is a member of a syndicate of more than 100 hotel, airline and travelling companies.

First talks with the Ministry of Tourism on the issue of a visa on entry were suspended after it was agreed that it was best to further limit the number of tourists arriving. Environmentalists say that the "handle-with-care" concept should be adopted to Burma's legacy. Yangon inner Yangon is surrounded by large, now abandoned former office colonies that were evacuated after the Naypyitaw military regime established a remote new capitol a few years ago.

As property values rose last year, the goverment began to sell some of the properties at public sale, but approved a shortatorium on any demolitions and sale until a preservation plan is in place, said Thant Myint, curator and historicist. "Passengers like the US traveler Barbara Ruttenberg have conceded. "So few places have not been taken over by McDonald's and the West," said Ruttenberg of Rhode Island on a Bryn Mawr alumni trip that was scheduled almost a year ago.

I had my children having a little bash. And I said, "Forget the political group, I'm going to Burma.

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