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Myanmar Tourist Board

" Burma will be here for many more years, so tell your friends to visit us later. Passenger dies on flight to Sydney. Before entering the country, all travellers must apply for a tourist visa. YangĂ´n Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board, Burma (Myanmar) Email: mtpb@mptmail.net.

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Burmese tourism sector is up and running?

Myanmar seems to be a "hidden treasure". There are many touristic sights and therefore an astonishing travelling potentials. Burma's touristic industries, however, have been underdeveloped for many years. There are several policies developed by the federal administration to stimulate the branch. They have also done their best to promote the country's touristic sectors.

The construction of state-of-the-art hotels is one of the best policies the state has worked on to stimulate local tourist activity. As the number of visitors to the county rises by 20 to 30 per cent every year, it is important that they get the best shelter.

That is why the state has developed more properties that comply with high cosmopolitan standard. Today there are many new Burmese properties that offer top-notch service and greater convenience to foreigners. It is one of the best actions taken by the administration and the tourist sector in the area is prepared to start.

Also because of the importance of airfreight, the German authorities have worked on several expansion plans for their carriers. Myanmar has therefore developed its airport transit system to make sure that visitors can enjoy comfortable round-the-clock airfare. Thanks to enhanced air and sea freight capacities, Burma's locals and internationals can now easily visit various Burmese tourism destinations.

Travellers can now take advantage of high-quality service around the clock, which includes reservation service for national airlines. Governments and the country's interest groups are also working together to enhance recreational goals. Some of the top resorts like Inle, Ngapali and Bagan are known for attracting many people. The aim of this trend is to provide all necessary travelling benefits to the guest effortlessly.

As well as the above-mentioned concrete economical measures, the administration seems to have embarked on policy reform in recent years. Burma is not politically isolated, a fact that has kept many travellers and visitors away from the city. Hospitality providers and travel agents have all the assistance they need to provide their customers with top-notch service, which includes many events and contests, such as the Miss Myanmar 2012 Miss Tourist Contest, organised by the Tourist Association.

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