Burma Tourism

Myanmar Tourism

Though Burma has great tourist potential and attractions in many areas, much of the industry remains to be developed. Myanmar's main tourist attractions attracted fewer foreign tourists and more local tourists. From Myanmar to Bhutan, Eastern Safaris practices responsible tourism. Myanmar's attractions and tourist infrastructure, like any other tourist, need to be improved, refined and renewed to compete for visitors.

Tourism sustainability at Inside Burma Tours

In everything we do, we are dedicated to the principle of sustainability in tourism and to protecting the Burmese countryside, culture and economies (Myanmar) and all other places where we work. All over Burma, we are encouraging our customers to participate in community-based trips. It means that our customers have the chance to share information with our customers about their own customs, life and changes in the way the rapidly developing countries work.

It also gives them the opportunity to help the poorest and most isolated municipalities and the whole of Burma's business community. Our travel coordinators and guides are trained extensively and are part of our annually scheduled capability development program. Each employee is remunerated above the locally agreed rate, which gives them more options and guarantees that they remain with us and offer our clients the best possible experiences.

The Burmese office is currently undergoing an audit and expects to be Travel Lifecertified in 2016. It is the most comprehensive system of certifications for travel agencies, as it uses 249 different criteria. In addition to evaluating our current practice, Travel Live also provides advice and assistance on further development to ensure that all advances are focused on a sustainability objective.

Our customers can therefore rely on our tours meeting the highest possible safety and environmental protection requirements. They also ensure that the funds they are spending contribute to Burma's economic development and that the country's natural and environmental assets and culture legacy are preserved at all time. The next stage is to enhance the advices, suggestions and suggestions we give our customers so that they can work more sustainably in Burma.

We want to expand the number of places we offer to our clientele in a slightly different way. This will hopefully help our client to gain interesting, one-of-a-kind, high-quality experience while at the same time benefitting Burma's companies and people. We can assure our travelers that all our tours through Burma meet high ethical and cultural and environmental requirements and that we will continue to do so.

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